Just a little bit of boring but important stuff. Disclaimer and privacy policies.

Personal Opinion

Tahnee’s Blog is a site where tips and products are shared but it is important to point out to you, that everything on this blog is of the personal opinion of either the author or commenter.
If you have a different one that is totally acceptable. This blog is where we can share thoughts on many things. You, however, as the reader are responsible for your health and welfare.

Product Disclaimer

Any product that is used is subject to personal circumstances such as supplements or makeup products so please use at your own discretion. Tahnee’s Blog will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise. Please always consult a medical professional if in doubt.

THERE ARE NO PROFESSIONALS HERE, meaning all opinions on this blog are for entertainment purposes only. Please use all advice at your own discretion.

Tahnee’s Blog is not responsible for the actions of our advertisers or sponsors. For example, if you buy a product of service based upon a link from this blog, you must take action with that exact company to resolve any issues, not with this site.

Your Personal Information

Tahnee’s Blog will not share your information with ANYONE neither will you be added to spam lists. However, it can not be heldĀ responsible for the privacy practices of any of the advertisers or blog commenters

Contents Disclaimer

We reserve my rights to change Tahnee’s Blog in any way we see fit as the main contributor and admin of the page. Whether that is to sell the page, move it or close it down. To edit, amend and even delete content.

In regards to correspondence that is sent to Tahnee’s Blog either here or on its connected social media sites. For example Facebook, I may possibly share these so please bear this in mind when sending things.

Finally, I must add unless permission is given no original work from this site may be used by anybody. Neither is it to be passed off as someone else’s original work or altered in any way.

That’s all from the disclaimer and privacy policy page.