New Years Motivational Help

Use this handy guide to keep track of your New Years 2020 goals. Print one out weekly or screenshot and edit accordingly to help stay motivated through 2020. Keep those goals in sight and achieve them.

Choose three small actions (or more or less this is just a handy helper) per week. To help you achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Keeping things relaxed and simple will allow you to reach your aims one step at a time. As the great saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Break it Down This New Years

Breaking the larger goal into more manageable and achievable steps will help you. It will show the exact steps that need to be taken. For example, if the main goal is to start the process of purchasing your own property. You may research areas to live, speak to a mortgage advisor and check personal finances as the smaller three goals. Once all three of these items have been ticked off the list. You can print out a new sheet and add your next steps.

Boss It

Once the ball gets rolling it won’t stop and you’ll be well on the way to all those goals and aims! Why not go for it and achieve any and all goals you set your sights on


new years motivation tracker