Nature Bingo

Nature bingo is a fantastic game to play with the family when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. It’s such a simple idea and is inspired by the simple game of eye-spy. Whilst out enjoying your time in nature why not get the family looking for a list of objects. Simple but effective to keep them busy and behaved whilst out and about.

These can be anything from sticks and stones to wildlife or insects. If you’re lucky enough to live near a landmark why not include that in your list. The best thing about nature bingo is you can make up your own or use handy print outs like below.

The children always get so excited whilst playing this game and always ask for more. Being nature based you’ll never run out of ideas. Just get more specific with the list each time. Instead of just any leaf you could specify a tree. Teach your children about the beauties and intricacies of the world.

Family Fave – Nature Bingo

Whether it’s teaching your toddlers about the world around them. Keeping energetic little ones entertained or used for sightseeing. These fun bingo-esque game can bring so much more fun to family adventures. Keep children focused and busy. Making your day out a whole heap easier.

If one list isn’t enough for you and the family then there are more activities for children. Including a second bingo list for you to have fun with.

Remember you can keep this game as simple as easy as you like. It can also be a lot harder and more specific for older children. A perfect game for the whole family.

nature bingo

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