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Time Saving Hacks For Parents

When do parents not need some top time saving tips?

Parenting is a whirlwind of a journey and a rollercoaster of emotion. From the moment you’re aware you’re expecting. Until their tiny faces first see the sunlight and then the rest of your life they become your main and top priority. This can take up a lot of time and that can be a difficult aspect of parenting to manage. With these time saving hacks, you’re sure to save precious time in your day and we all need more than that.

From the perfect prep tips all the way through to getting the kids involved there are lots of ways you can save time with time saving hacks you wouldn’t have thought of. The categories below are just a few that I thought would be handy for your daily routine as a parent. Being a mum to three boys I know how important time management is. I can also appreciate how difficult it can be to manage at times.

Homework Time Saving Hacks

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Homework time can be a very stressful time of the day for so many reasons. You’ve picked the kids up and rushed through the traffic home. Or you’ve been so busy you’ve gone straight from work to home. Next is trying to decide what to have and actually make for dinner. Then you’re throwing homework into the mix? Yeah, it’s getting crazy fast! Hopefully, the following tips will help your time management and also stress level.

Time Saving Hacks And Saving You Stress

Have an area prepared before the kids get home or packed up in a ‘homework box’. You can stock your area or box with pencils, pens, calculator or maths tools and needed stationery. Paper and probably snacks and drinks. This way when the topic of homework arises the box can be grabbed out or the kids can just sit at the designated area and get to work. Make sure to pack away and restock your homework box when you’re finished.

Timers Are Your Friend

Set a timer at homework time. Especially if your child has the problem of spending too long on one item of homework. This way they have a set time for them to achieve this and that will help them to learn their own great time management skills.

Lists Are Your Second Best Friend

That’s right a simple list can aid you in your homework journey with great efficiency. If you have a build-up of homework this is a great way to get organised. Get everything that needs to be done on the list. Staying focused on one task at a time.

Time Saving Cleaning Hacks To Save The Day

cleaning can take up a huge portion of time if you’re a working parent. Time you could and should ve relaxing. If you’re a stay at home mum then nearly every minute of the day feels like you’re cleaning. Below is a few tips for making cleaning both easier and faster.

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Squeeky Clean Toilet Tips

Why not add your cleaning products in the toilet basin over night as they can sit and do their job longer? Then in the morning, all you need to do is scrub it quickly and it’s clean for another day. Making sure you give it a wipe over on the cistern, seat, pipes etc once a day to keep it sparkling in 2 minutes. Do not put bleach in the cistern of your toilet. This can damage components.

Time Saving Kitchen Cleaning

A similar tip applies here where you do a 15 minute timed session on your kitchen cleaning. Doing this daily will mean your kitchen stays lovely and clean all the time. You won’t need to spend to much time cleaning it per day.

Kids Room Cleaning Tips

Twice a day rule is a great tip for any parent wanting to try and keep children’s rooms at bay. Twice a day they have to spend 10 minutes cleaning their room without help. This timer can be reset if you are feeling that not much tidying was done. You can apply a consequence if you feel you the need to such as tech can’t be turned on until it’s done. However, sticking to this routine will help your children learn to responsible for their own area. Whilst alleviating your own schedule too, perfect!

School Run Hacks You Need To Know

Two times of the day we put on our approachable faces as we make our way through the school run. However, getting to the school can be a battle all of its own. Below you’ll find some top tips to help your school run go faster.

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No Hair Wash? No Problem!

Dry shampoo can be your best friend when you’re in a hurry in the morning. Combine this with a quick messy bun and you’re good to go. Saving a great amount of time from your morning routine and getting you out the door sooner.

Essentials Prep The Night Before

This could just be lunches and clothes and shoes for the morning. Yes, do include shoes as a part of the outfit. Otherwise you’ll find the whole family searching for shoes with 5 minutes until you leave. This way if you’re running late it’ll help catch some time up. Even if you’re not it will get your mornings off to a much smoother start.

Checklist for Teens

Teens may be a little too old to watch over during the school morning. Most usually walk to school or get a bus so once they leave they are their own responsibility so to speak. Until that point why not have them make a list of everything they need to have ready for the morning. This help them to learn how to be responsible for their own time keeping. It also helps them to be prepared for the day ahead with the items they may need such as lunches, sports kits or water bottles.

You Time Saving Savvy So and So, You!

Know you can be a time saving wizard on the school run! You may even manage a warm morning coffee for yourself by using these little tips and tricks. Do you have any time saving tips you would pass on to other parents facing the school run each day? Let us know in the comments below or you can join us over on the Facebook page. Thank you so much for stopping by today I really appreciate it.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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