International family day 2023

International Family Day – 15th May

Are you going to celebrate Family Day on the 15th May?

May has finally brought the sunshine to the UK and everything looks better with the sun shining. We have a newly crowned King. Although the choice of King may be controversial when it comes to the British public. It is the dawn of a new era for sure! May also bring us an international family day on Monday 15th. This is a great reason to plan something with your loved ones to celebrate.

The Day was proclaimed family day by the UN General Assembly in 1993. Taking the day to celebrate everything amazing about the construct of family. Be this your biological or chosen family it’s a great reason to get everyone together and do something fun. Below you can find 5 great ways to celebrate international family day in 2023.

how to enjoy time together

International Family Day Food

This is such an easy choice but a good one as you know most people will enjoy it and that’s food! You also have so many choices and options it makes for a great night with the family. Below is a list of options you can use for your family day 2023.

  • Barbecues always go down a storm and are the elite of good weather food. Is dependent on the weather of course but you can always do an oven bbq. No, it’s not the same but still yummy.
  • Takeaway is easy and takes no more effort than a phone call or order off an app. The only problem that may arise is finding something everyone wants to eat.
  • Dinner Party? Perhaps you’re an excellent cook? In that case, why not invite the family round for a slap-up (British slang for amazing and big) dinner?
  • Bring a Board for the night. A nice simple one where you ask everyone to bring a board or plate of food to add to the table. Known in America as potlucks. It’s a great way for everyone to be involved and enjoy the food.
  • Restaurants are quick, easy and no cleaning up after. You can always hit a nice place out to eat with your family. Perhaps you have a favourite place to eat out as a family?

Celebrate International Family Day With A Karaoke Night

I couldn’t help but think of my Father-in-law when writing this. If he had his way every function we had would include some good ol’ karaoke. It is fun and a good way to enjoy some family time. This can be a little niche but I think a lot of people enjoy a bit of amateur karaoke!

how to enjoy time together

You can always buy your very own karaoke machine or you can hire them if you’re having a larger party. You can just sing along to your fave tunes on YouTube! Either way, it’s a great idea to enjoy some fun family time. You could even make a whole evening out of it and get dressed up too!

Movie Night

There are so many great family movies out at the moment It would be a waste to not make the most of them. Why not enjoy a trip to the cinema to watch a great movie with the family? If funds are tight you can always enjoy a great movie night at home. Below is a list of some great family movies to inspire you if you know want to plan you’re own movie night. These are all from 2022 and include where you’re able to view them. These are from the trusted Rotten Tomatoes website for clarification.

Matilda is on Netflix. The new 2022 release was a smash hit with audiences. Causing a little controversy with those who love the original movie. Adding both singing and dancing to a classic story. Giving the 2022 version plenty of originality.

Better Nate Than Ever on Disney+. Never failing to follow his dreams we follow Nate on his journey. Struggling to land roles in his school performances but still dreaming big. Broadway may feel like a lifetime away but only perseverance can decide. A feel-good movie is full of acceptance and self-exploration.

Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+. The Sanderson sisters are back and as bad as ever! In a more modern world than last time! Have they met their match in their modern-day counterparts? 3 best friends who must stop the child-hungry witches from wreaking havoc on Salem. We waited 20-odd years for this!

The Railway Children on Prime Video, Apple T.V and Vudu. Another revamp of a classic brought to the screen for 2022. 3 siblings leave their very comfortable lives in London for country life. Their lives change drastically during the process of the story.

Rob Zombie’s The Munsters on Netflix, Prime Video and Vudu. This family classic has been lovingly transitioned for a modern audience by the legendary Rob Zombie. Although not as popular as the original series the 2022 film has been given the love and attention it needed to make it top 5 family films on Rotten Tomatoes.

Day Out

A day out spent together having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Is there a more perfect way to celebrate family day? If you’re struggling with ideas on what to do why not Google an item from the list below and see what comes up near you?

how to enjoy time together

The Beach for sea, sand and hopefully sun. I mean it is the U.K. after all but you’ve still got entertainment there. Perhaps a trip to the arcade or pier if there is one? The beach is always a great choice for a day out for the whole family.

Bowling for fun for the whole family and you will usually find that most establishments have family tickets available. Making it sometimes a little less than you thought so always worth a check. A great evening no matter the ages of the people you’re with.

Animal Parks if you have animal lovers in you’re family then you could enjoy a day with animals. There are so many locations across the U.K. you would be spoilt for choices. From small farm yard locations to huge safari drive-throughs like Longleat or even the aquarium. A great day out is not far away.

Theme Parks if perhaps you and your family are thrill seekers? Then a day at an amazing theme park would be an epic day out. The family that screams on rides together stays together after all! Don’t forget to check out the ‘Adults go free’ tickets that run on Kellogg’s cereal boxes. They include theme parks such as Chessington World of Adventure and Alton Towers. Be sure to check the Kellogg’s website for full terms and conditions.

Water Parks anyone? Whether this is a water park for slides or water sports. If you’re an adventurous family that loves the water a trip to a water park may be just what you need. Another great way to spend an international family day.


Just a party! Get the whole family around and enjoy food, drinks and family time. Awkward family secrets coming out, the whole works! You could even add in some of the items off the other lists in this post such as food or activities to amp up your international family day party?

International family day 2023

Happy International Family Day

So, there you have so many great ideas on how to celebrate a family day in 2023. From food all the way through to days out. Will you be celebrating this year? I think we may do a movie night as my eldest is away on a school trip until late. Let me know in the comments below if you’re going to celebrate this year and how.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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