B&M bargains 2023

B&M Bargains

B&M is home of the British Bargains and 2023 is no different

Hello everyone and welcome to another Tahnee’s Blog post. As I write this it is currently 8am on a Sunday and I am ready and raring to go today. For those who don’t know we moved last year and have been tackling the subsequent decorating since. This has meant an earlier body clock setting and many trips to B&M to search for B&M bargains. With that being said you can’t just go into B&M and not buy half the shop can you?

Below you’ll find some of the amazing items that they have in-store (subject to availability) right now. Whether you need to top up on pet supplies. Are you looking to get a good Spring clean done and want some new products? Maybe you’re looking for those Summer must-haves? Even if you’re a beauty addict you can’t get enough creams and lotions and potions. Below are a whole heap of top 10 B&M bargains just ready to go.

Home Decor B&M Bargains

Considering we have spent so much in this section lately it seemed only right to start the B&M bargains with home decor. B&M are known for their affordable home decor as they have a large variety. From bathroom necessities to kitchen appliances. Whether you need just a small something for a nightstand or need to kit out a whole lounge room. B&M has everything you need for every room of your home. Below are 10 fave home decor picks from a recent trip to B&M.

  • Clock – £15
  • Succulent Plant – £5
  • Body Ornament – £7
  • Wax Melter – £2.99
  • Dried Flower Frame – £10
  • Terracotta Candle – £3
  • Encased Dried Flowers – £6
  • Glass Candle Holder – £8
  • Light Green Candle – £2.50
  • Wicker Lamp – £20

Fave picks from this list are the glass candle holder. The vintage style of this is what really pulled me to this item. It would look perfect in any vintage-style room. Then the dried flower frame is another personal fave. It would look cute hung up or even on a shelf or flat surface as an ornament. Really cute and nothing over £20! That really is some B&M bargains if ever we saw some.


With Spring in full force some Spring cleaning is never far behind, is it? From cleaning out cupboards to decluttering everything in sight and making sure it’s all clean and smelling lovely at the end. You’ll need to make sure your cleaning products are fully stocked. B&M have so many great cleaning products available and usually for less than other leading shops or supermarkets. Below you’ll find 10 great cleaning products at some great prices. Perfect for Spring cleaning and beyond.

  • Lenor – £3.49
  • Neutradol – 95p
  • Elbow Grease – £2.19
  • Carpet Cleaner – £2.99
  • The Pink Stuff Oxi Powder – £1
  • Fabulosa Rainbow Spray – 89p
  • Febreze Scent – £2.49
  • Oust – £1.19
  • Airwick Diffuser – £2.99

From wiping down flat surfaces and sides to making sure your carpets are clean and smelling lovely. Cleaning clothes, descaling kettles or even cleaning the oven. This list of cleaning products will have your home sparkling in next to no time.


Summer is fast approaching and we have even been lucky enough to have a small sample of the good weather yet to come. Every year B&M knocks it out of the park with their Summer range and this year is no different. Be sure to check in-store for all that’s available but without further ado here are your top 10 Summer B&M bargains.

  • Easy Catch Ball Game – £3
  • Garden Pillow –
  • Carafe – £8
  • Large Ball Catcher Game – £5
  • Pineapple Cup – £4
  • Large Pastel Salad Bowl – £2.50
  • Tropical Water Jug – £6
  • Welcome Garden Sign – £12
  • Outdoor Candles – £3.50 and £6
  • Ice Lolly Moulds – £4

That’s entertaining and your garden area is sorted on a budget too. My personal faves from this list are the welcome sign and the amazing ice lolly moulds. To be honest, though you could see all these items in my trolley for Summer.


I don’t know many people who can make it through the temptation maze that is the beauty aisles full of B&M bargains. There is always something really useful or just amusing that looks fun. Below you’ll find a list of 10 of the best beauty picks we found during our recent trip to B&M. To answer your question, no we were not strong enough and came away with the Salicylic acid and clay cleansing face wash pictured next to the serum of the same brand.

  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Shampoo – £4.25
  • Coconut Hair Mask – £1.79
  • Creightons Salicylic Acid – £2.99
  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo Bar – £3.29
  • Detangling Spray – £1
  • Nivea Creme – £4.89
  • Aussie Hair Hug Reconstructor – £5.99
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo – £2.99
  • 7th Heaven Face Masks – 79p or 3 for £2
  • Booty and Boob Mask – £1 each

From your top to your bottom, oh and not forgetting boobs! Some really useful but fun beauty picks. I mean who doesn’t love budget beauty? I actually purchased the 7th Heaven masks as their masks are amazing, and fun and they’ve always been one of my fave brands.

B&M Bargains for Pets

Can we even discuss B&M bargains and not mention our beloved fur babies? From grooming to bedding and treats or food. You can find everything you need for your pet even items to help them through the Summer. With that in mind here are the top 10 bargains available at B&M now.

  • Ice cream cooling mat – £10
  • Pet Vacuum – £5
  • Ice Towel – £3.50
  • Pet Splash Pool – £20
  • Crate Fan – £7
  • Pet Cooling Bandana – starting at £2.99
  • Pair of Drying Mitts – £3 (special buy)
  • Diamante Cat Collar – £2.50
  • Garfield Cat Treats – £3.25
  • Garfield Cat Toys – £2.50

We recently moved and with it came an under-the-stair space that we made into a small bedroom for our pug, Doug. Most of the items were purchased from B&M so we know the pet bargains are available. We will 100% be getting the cooling pad and the drying mitts as they’re so handy. Doug loves to lay out in the Summer but is fully black so he can at least have 5 minutes if he’s on a pad. He also has really thick and dense fur so the mitts would work better than a towel.

B&M Bargains For Us All

The memes are true! You go into B&M for one item and end up with a whole new house decor but that’s why we love it so much. I love the skincare and beauty selection they have on offer. Although due to the move, we have spent more time in the home decor section.

What’s your fave B&M bargain? Let us know in the comments below or even better you can share a picture on Tahnee’s Blog Facebook page. Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope you have an amazing rest of the week.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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