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Ideas For Small Toilets

We recently decorated our small toilet room and are sharing all our ideas for a tiny but beautiful room

Hello my lovely lot how are you all today? I hope you’re well and ready to discuss some home DIY and decorating? We’ve already covered Spring cleaning for this year so the natural progression is onto DIY. After moving at the end of last year we are now going through the revamp process. Including sharing our ideas for small toilets that looked wonderful in ours.

With Spring in the air now is a great time to think about a little revamp. Especially if, like us, you’ve just moved. Or you want a change to your small toilet room. One of the key tricks to our room was balancing a dark colour with a light one. Keeping it warm and cosy whilst still being bright and light.

Making the Most of Your Small Toilet Room

As mentioned above we moved last year to a larger property. This new property included a separate toilet and bathroom which, for us at least, was brilliant. The toilet room, however, is really small. This is not a problem but decorating such a small room has its difficulties. We were really proud of what we were able to achieve. Here is the (nearly) before and after for you.

We all know that small rooms can be difficult to decorate because space is a massive factor in these choices. With some simple and easy tricks, you can create a lovely, homely room that is still bright and light. Below are some we used to keep our room light and bright.

  • Use mirrors to make your space appear larger.
  • Create space higher up in unused space.
  • Space-saving decorations.
  • Keep the main colour bright and light.

Colour Ideas for Small Toilets

As mentioned above you want a lovely warm colour for almost a focal wall. Blending that out with a lighter, brighter colour will leave your room warm but bright. Perfect for a room that can be very small. Ours, for example, is not a cloakroom or downstairs toilet room. We have a separate toilet and bathroom making the toilet room very small indeed. It is however much more practical when people are using the bathroom.

With this in mind, I have assembled a selection of beautiful colour pairs that would work amazingly well in this capacity. We used Valspar Paint from B&Q and can genuinely say it is an amazing quality of paint. We also find their colour selection incredible and it is currently 3 for 2 at B&Q (correct as of 05/04/2023). The colours we used are Hidden Gem and Fresh Beginning which you’ll find at the top of the list.

Materials Used

We were really proud of this room as it was our first attempt at wall panelling and I think we nailed it. The best thing about this wooden panelled wall is that it is actually a recycled bunk bed! You read that correctly my loves. We had already gotten the boys new beds and we decided to use a small fraction of the wood we had accumulated to create this. All we did was paint the slats the Hidden Gem green we chose after cutting and sanding them. We also used more wood to create the shelves here to create storage in an otherwise unused space.

small toilet ideas

The texture that the wooden panels bring to the room helps it appear wider. It also helped warm this room up both figuratively and physically. We also used small slices of painted wood to create somewhere our toilet roll holder could go. We used no nails and screws to secure all the wood and then painted over the screws. Then the rest is just decor and accessories.

We chose grey gloss work because we actually have it throughout the house. We wanted something different and are never afraid to try out a home decor idea. Would you have grey or even black gloss work in your home?

Decor Ideas for Small Toilets

The main decor to talk about is the shelf ornaments which not only look nice but are also really practical. Below is both a picture and a list of the items. Along with where they were purchased in case you have been looking for similar items.

small toilet ideas

Ideas for Small Toilets Shelf Decor

  • Hanging Plant – Amazon – Came in a two-pack.
  • Glass Green Bottle – B&Q – Instore and on sale.
  • Cream Candles – Sainsbury’s – Just pillar candles.
  • Green Geometric tub – Amazon – This is used to store my sanitary products.
  • Small Mirror – B&M – Helps make the room appear bigger by reflecting the space.
  • Air Freshener – Need a more permanent one so any suggestions are welcome.

Adding Character and Storage

There is a dark green toilet mat that carries that beautiful green through the rest of the small room but the, nearly white, lampshade keeps your head space bright and open. So you don’t feel swamped by the dark colour instead it warms. This was helped by keeping the rest of the wood, including the toilet seat and loo roll holder, really light.

Behind the door of the toilet room, we have a small picture and a small storage box. The picture is a simple plant theme print in an old frame we already had. The storage box holds the cleaning products and any spare toilet rolls. The window was then really simple and plain with just a moss-green, chiffon curtain draped over the curtain pole. I’m pretty sure this is called a pelmet curtain.

For any areas, we didn’t want to paint we used a good old DC fix to tidy it up. We then resealed any of the bits that needed it. We found using a hair dryer once we had laid it down gave us the best results. You can also create templates with baking paper or tracing paper etc.

Final Result

We really love the final results of this room even if it is a small room. It’s a very used room by guests so we wanted something clean but inviting. Something fresh but warm and homely. I really feel like we were able to achieve it for very little. The wall and shelves were created using recycled materials proving you can reuse items you have and still have a gorgeous room at the end.

home revamp

Do you love this room as much as we do? Perhaps you have embraced a ‘dark’ colour in your home? Come and share a picture of it over on our Facebook page as we’d love more inspiration. We still have rooms left to decorate.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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