paint pop paint sticks

Paint Pop Paint Sticks

The perfect mess-free paint for kids and parent’s doesn’t exis……………..

With Easter just around the corner, it is the perfect time to prepare some fun activities ready for the holidays. Perhaps you prefer a chocolate alternative when it comes to Easter gifts? No matter what you’re going to love the Easter fun that the Paint Pop Paint Sticks will bring to your celebrations. With the kids home for two weeks it’s always good to have some easy, mess-free, busy play to hand. Paint Pops are just that and sent us a few things to share with you all!

What Are Paint Pop Paint Sticks?

no mess craft

Paint Pop Paint Sticks are a really innovative new paint stick that is easy to use, fun and most importantly for mum, mess-free. They use a twist-style pen package. Imagine a giant lipstick of paint and voila the perfect painting tool for toddlers onwards.

Offering a selection of water-free, paintbrush-free and mess-free paint sticks is not all that is available. Why not try the great accessories that you can get. From amazing choices of storage and even a creation station. Making painting playtime even easier to tidy away.

no mess craft

Perhaps you would prefer the face paints that are available in the same easy-to-use paint stick. Using a brush for the finer details is great for professionals and amateurs alike. The fast-drying formula does dry down fast meaning less smudging and movement.

We were lucky enough to be sent a pack of the Paint Pop Paint Sticks 24 Pack and the  Paint Pop Face Paint Sticks to share with you all and I will say we absolutely loved them.

Great Uses for Easter Crafts

We used them for decorating some wooden eggs that we were sent in our package with the Paint Pop Paint Sticks. They adhered really well to the wood and dried within 5 minutes of being done. Our youngest who is three particularly liked the fact he didn’t need any help. The sticks are nice and big, easy to hold, which meant he could do it all on his own. Our 9-year-old said he liked the twist mechanism as it meant they wouldn’t dry out. He also instantly asked if he could use them for his Easter bonnet costume at school. The colour transfer is much better than any paints they’ve ever used and the easiest method too!

I am really looking forward to using them again because they were easy for the kids to use and for me to clean up. We made sure all the lids were on tight and that was it. Away in the box and easily taken back out when someone wants to paint. No spilt water that I had to clean. No mixed-up paint that’s thrown away after one use. I also liked the fact when the paint did transfer to another stick it was a quick wipe-off and back to as good as new.

5 Easter Face Paint Designs

easter face designs

The face paint was also really exciting to use! I have a very large family with lots of nieces and nephews so we made sure to take them on our last visit to Grandma’s. These are going to be perfect for book days at school, on car trips, fancy dress parties, drama performances, birthday parties and even Easter get together! Below you’ll find the 5 face paint designs we tried using our Paint Pop Paint Sticks face paint sticks.

Bunny Design Using Paint Pop Face Paint Sticks

paint pop paint sticks

We started with the red bunny nose. Not as easy to do the noses on wriggly toddlers but we got there. The white was next. We created a mouth shape and some buck teeth. A stripe up the nose and the ear shapes on the forehead. I added the red triangular shapes for the ears. The final step was using the brush and the black to outline all the sections. So simple and my first-ever attempt at face painting. This is how easy they are to use folks!


easter face paint designs

As you can see this little one was not happy about taking part, to begin with. He soon warmed up to it and we made him a chick. We again started with the nose and I did want a more triangle shape but made do with a splodge nose. Using the big stick to put the yellow around the eyes and a brush to add orange to the outside for a fluffy look. This was so quick and easy to create and actually looks really cute, splodged nose and all.


easter face designs

What Spring-inspired face paint design is complete without some flowers? Now, I would make some changes to this design now I’ve done it. I would actually use pink for the main colour of the flower and white for the centre. Purely to make them a little more visible but they came out great. 5 points with a brush, five more in the middle of them. Then a dot in the centre and you’re done, another easy face paint design.

Butterfly Perfection with Paint Pop Paint Sticks

easter face designs

On the other cheek, we went for a butterfly design. A nice simple side profile made this faster to achieve but it still looks great. Using pink and purple on the wings and then added extra detail with a brush and the black again.

Easter Egg

paint pop paint sticks

Another really simple design for some Easter face paint designs is some Easter eggs. You can get creative and do what you want. I added all the colours first and details with a brush and the black face paint stick.

We Love Paint Pops

So there you have it loves, so much Easter fun to be had but so much more fun beyond that! We had such a fun time trying these out and none of us can wait to pop them out again. I am really looking forward to getting better with those face paints.

paint pop paint sticks

Do your children like to paint or get crafty? Do you think this would be perfect for them? Maybe you have a toddler you’ve been struggling to accommodate when it comes to painting? Let me know in the comments below if these are perfect for your family! These really are great so a big thank you to Paint Pop World and Trend Toys U.K. for sending these it really is appreciated. Thank you all for stopping by also loves as always it’s appreciated.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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