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Best Books for Children – Suma & Oko

Who are the twins Suma and Oko? What delicious Ghanaian food are they cooking today?

As adults, we understand the importance of reading and its impact on life. Were you also aware it profoundly affects the imagination and how that relates to problem-solving skills? It can also aid children in keeping healthy, relaxed sleep patterns. We recently celebrated world book day in the U.K. Reading is really important for all children including very young readers. What are the best books for children when it comes to reading? That all depends.

Reading with very young children helps them learn so much. From language, sound and vocabulary to help them identify objects within the story. Repeating the sounds and sights of a book will help your child understand the world around them better. Whilst also aiding their own communication skills too. You want books that are simple and colourful with lots of pictures to interact with. When it comes to children’s books there are so many choices. What are some of the best books for children? We were recently sent Suma & Oko and the Stupendous Pot of Okra Soup to share with you!

great kids books

Madeline Wilson-Ojo Author

Let’s start with the fantastic author of this wonderful storybook. Madeline is a Mother and award-winning blogger as well as writing wonderful children’s books. She has been blogging for 5 years and focuses on black authors and their work.

She finds inspiration for her books within her Ghanaian roots and her London upbringing. Helping bring the Ghanaian culture and diversities to children who may not be able to experience it so readily within their own lives. With wonderful and vibrant characters that have authentic Ghanaian names to help your child evolve their own knowledge of the cultures around them. Madeline wants to show a positive portrayal of a black British family through her stories.

Suma & Oko The Best Books For Children

Suma and Oko and the Stupendous Pot of Okra Soup. Meet the twins Suma and Oko who are always ready to learn and today is no different. Mum needs some ingredients for their delicious okra soup. After a short bus ride, they arrive at Auntie Edem’s store. They are ready to shop. Can Suma and Oko help mum find all the ingredients she needs? Including the most important part of the dish, the okra?

best books for children

Will mum be able to make the most delicious okra soup ever? You will have to read the book to find out for sure but at the end of the story is Suma and Oko’s okra soup recipe. Bringing the delicious smells and tastes of authentic African food to your own home.

We Love Suma and Oko

My littlest one loved learning all about Suma and Oko and their delicious okra soup. He enjoyed it when they were shopping. He loved the brightly coloured illustrations throughout the book. I really enjoyed the gentle rhyming pattern that the book had. It made it soothing to listen to when being read.

I also like the fact it focused on a culture we are otherwise not immersed in. With beautiful names, recipes and the Ghanaian culture at the forefront we are really excited to see all the other adventures Suma and Oko will get up to in the future.

great kids books

Reading the Best Books for Children?

As mentioned above, Madeline was kind enough to send this book over to us to share with you all. If you want to keep up to date with all of Suma and Oko’s adventures you can do that by buying Suma & Oko and the Stupendous Pot of Okra Soup from Amazon. Or you can show your support by checking out Madeline’s website Madeline Wilson-Ojo Books. You won’t be disappointed considering there are new Suma and Oko adventures on there already!

Do you love reading? We massively encourage all three of our children to read. They complain but my eldest (12) is already understanding the benefits. He has also become a huge writing fan thanks to reading and mum’s traits. Did you enjoy reading as a child? Let us know in the comments but mostly thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the world of Madeline Wilson-Ojo’s Suma and Oko stories.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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