Night Out Mishaps And How To Fix Them

We’ve all experienced a messy night out

Going out with friends or loved ones for a night out is always an exciting experience. However, things don’t always go as planned, and it’s essential to know how to handle some of the most common mishaps that could occur during a night out. Here are some basic things that could go wrong and how to fix them.

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Lost or Stolen Phone/Wallet 

One of the most common things that could go wrong on a night out is losing your phone or wallet. Losing your phone could be a nightmare as it contains your personal information, contact list, and memories. The same goes for your wallet, which carries your money, identification documents, and bank cards.

To fix this, you need to act quickly. If you lose your phone, use the Find My app to locate it. Alternatively, you could ask a friend to call your number, and hopefully, someone will pick you up. If your phone has been stolen, contact your service provider to block the SIM card and report it to the police.

If you lose your wallet, the first step is to retrace your steps and check with the establishment you last visited. If you can’t find it, contact your bank and block all your cards.

Locking Your Keys in the Car 

Locking your keys in the car is an inconvenience that could happen at any time, and it could leave you stranded.

To fix this, always carry a spare key with you or give one to a trusted friend. Alternatively, you could call a mobile locksmith or your car manufacturer’s emergency roadside assistance service. If you don’t have any of these options available, try using a coat hanger or a slim jim to unlock the car door, but only if you’re comfortable doing so. In some cases, breaking a window might be the only option, but it should be the last resort. If you break a window, make sure to take safety precautions and clean up the broken glass properly.

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Wardrobe Malfunction 

Wardrobe malfunctions can be embarrassing and uncomfortable on a night out. It could range from a ripped dress, a broken heel, or a missing button.

To fix this, always carry a small emergency kit with you that contains safety pins, double-sided tape, and a small sewing kit. In the event of a wardrobe malfunction, quickly fix it with the emergency kit or ask a friend for help. You could also try to improvise, such as tying a scarf around a broken heel or using a jacket to cover a rip.

Separation From Group 

Getting separated from your group can be frustrating and scary, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar place.

To fix this, always designate a meeting point with your group in case of separation. You could also use a GPS tracker or a messaging app to keep in touch with your group. If you’re alone, stay calm, and ask for help from a staff member or a trusted individual.

There You Go 

A night out is meant to be fun and exciting, but things could go wrong. The key is to be prepared and know how to handle any mishaps that could occur. By following the tips listed above, you can enjoy a night out without any worries.

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