spring home decor 2023

Spring Home Decor 2023

Spring is trying to get sprung so let’s help out. Bring the vibes of the season into your home

Although I would love to say that Spring is well on its way the weather just isn’t agreeing. It’s got the Spring showers down for sure but the lovely Spring sunshine has been scarce and it’s been really chilly. With that in mind, why not bring the season into your home with some top picks of the best that Spring home decor has to offer for 2023.

Do you decorate for Spring or Easter? We do and I for one can’t wait to crack out some Easter decorations and treat myself to a bunch of tulips. We love having all our seasonal decorations and I try to keep them functional too. Let’s have a look at what some of the leading retailers are bringing this Spring in the way of home decor. Can you resist it all?

The Range

The Range is a fantastic shop that caters for all of your life needs. From homeware and self-care to soft furnishings and cleaning products. This doesn’t end when it comes to Spring either. They have an amazing array of Spring home decor available to spruce up your home. All whilst celebrating the new season. Here are my top 3 picks from The Range for Spring 2023.

Perfect Spring Home Decor The Tulip Wreath

The blue and yellow tulip wreath is the epitome of Spring, isn’t she! With warm but bright colours it is such the perfect piece to start some Spring home decor in 2023. At £18.99 for the faux flower wreath that will last year for years? A bargain if you ask me.

Pastel Placemats x2

At only £1.50 per pair, these would be a wonderful addition to your Spring inspired table. Bright light and fun they really bring those wonderful colours of Spring right into your home.

Pastel Easter Garland

Add that touch of Spring decor to your fire, mirror or even on the top of a large piece of furniture. A pastel-inspired Easter garland is the perfect way to enjoy the season without overwhelming your room. Keeping it elegant and subtle for only £11.99 for this 150cm garland.

Shein Spring Home Decor 2023

Shein is an online fashion and clothing store. It has a great selection of more unusual pieces but they are stunning. The prices are fantastic so all we can say is hello Spring home decor get in my living room already! Here are the top three picks for Shein.

Embroidered Flower Pillow Case

These stunning pillowcases are the perfect addition to any lounge, bedroom, sunroom or conservatory. Featuring beautiful embroidered flowers and birds they ooze Springy sophistication. They’re fun, bright and eye-catching too. They cost £7 for one case but there are two sizes to choose from.

Embroidered Flower Table Cloth for spring Home Decor Perfection

This stunning tablecloth is the perfect accompaniment to any Spring home decor. The opaque white with a smattering of bright and ditsy flowers is gorgeous. You can dress it down with some cottage-core-inspired homeware or go big and flamboyant. With prices starting at £3.75 and a variety of sizes this is Spring gold.

Plastic Decorative Vase

For only £3 this vase really is a bargain. It’s plain white but has a nice ornate vertical design on it. Helping it to hold any colour flowers without clashing with them. The plastic means it’s less likely to break if dropped and for the aforementioned 3 bucks can you go wrong?


Wilko is another brilliant shop that stocks a huge variety of items. From cleaning to DIY and decorating. Pet food and treats to human food and treats and of course homewares. Below are the top three picks for Spring decor for 2023.

Frosted Floral Candle

This beautiful floral candle is such an injection of subtle colour for any room. Only £6 for this large unscented candle is a steal and it also features two wicks. Perfect for a rainy Spring day cuddled up with a cup of tea and a good book.

Floral Hanging Frame – Spring Home Decor 2023 Fave

I think this may be my favourite piece from all the Spring decorations I’ve ever seen. This simple, quaint but eye-catching piece is perfect for £8! Hung on a wall, propped by a window to let light flood through or even outside. This would look so beautiful and add a real Spring vibe anywhere.

Pressed Flower Frame

Wilko really is hitting it out of the park with the Spring home decor choices so let’s finish strong. This is unique and really original but the natural piece is breathtaking. A simply framed bunch of pressed flowers for only £6. Sign us up!


Dunelm is a leading home furnishing store and always has a great selection of items on offer. They also have a Seasonal Section on their website which is even better. So let’s jump straight into their top three items, shall we?

Floral Fleece Throw Spring Home Decor Must

This delicate daisy print fleece throw is a perfect addition to your Spring home decor collection. Not only does it bring the elements of Spring into your home, but it’s also practical. Spring weather can be hit-and-miss in the UK so this can help keep you warmer on colder days. Not bad for £7 eh?

Artificial Gypsophila Bundle

This delicate but beautiful bunch of artificial Gypsophila is a great way to embed Spring in your home. Starting from only £4 they would lovely in so many different styles of rooms. Go for it and go floral this Spring.

Faux Tulip Bunch

Tulips are by far one of the quintessential Spring flowers so add those to your home. Dunelm has these delicate and plain white faux tulip bunches for £8. Perfect for a lounge, window or even on the table for a simple Spring table decor.

Other Places To Check for Spring Home Decor?

Even though there are lots of choices above this isn’t the only place to keep your eyes peeled for great SPring home decor. Here are a few more suggestions for your perusal.

  • Etsy
  • Poundland
  • Argos
  • B&M
  • Home Bargains
  • Supermarket Homeware

Do you like to dress your home for the season? Perhaps you love a Spring clean? We were mentioned as an expert on the Redfin blog! Check out the article we were featured in: How to Keep a Clean House With Kids: 22 Expert Tips. Let me know in the comments below if you dress to impress or clean til it gleams? Most of all thank you for stopping by today your support means so much.

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