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World Book Day Fun

Need some inspo for some easy world book day costume ideas? They’re in this post

Here we are, already at the end of February and it’s hard to believe March will be here soon. The first week of March in the UK is hectic for parents up and down the country. This is the week you remember that the little darlings need costumes of some description for a tradition known as World Book Day. A week to celebrate literature by dressing up and having fun.

That’s right parents and guardians that time is already here but don’t worry as I’m here to help you prepare. I suggest first checking what day your child’s school will be celebrating as it can vary. As much as a faff it may feel for parents the benefits are great.

The Benefits of World Book Day

If you’re anything like me, then you will annually forget and have to pull a costume out of your behind! This will happen for at least one of the kids. It can seem a bit of a faff however it has some amazing benefits.

  • Helps children grow their love of reading
  • Enjoy characters from books whether they’re new or old
  • Introduces them to new stories
  • It helps children to engage in the literature-based activities they’ll enjoy in class
  • Encouraging and aiming for great reading levels aids your child’s learning
  • Finally, it’s fun to dress up as a silly character from a book and go to school

Easy Costume Ideas For World Book Day 2023

If, like me, you’re a parent who likes easy costumes because, for another year in a row, you forgot or won’t pay the ridiculous prices. These are the right costumes for you and are more based on accessories than anything else. Both my eldest two boys have worn this for a year each.

Harry Potter – Think more when he’s on the run and in hiding than a Hogwarts Uniform or robes. All you need is a normal outfit including a hoodie. Make his scar with makeup or pens and the wand and glasses can be optional. This a costume that both my boys have worn for book day and loved it.

Charlie Bucket – You have two Charlie characters to draw inspiration from here both with checked shirts. However, using just a plain everyday outfit you can add some accessories to help. Such as an empty chocolate wrapper and a printed or homemade “Golden Ticket”. This is one we have also used in the past.

Matilda – Staying on the Roald Dahl theme we have Matilda which is classic but simple. Thanks to the new musical you also have two outfit choices. You can use an everyday outfit, a sweet summer dress like the original Mara Wilson Matilda or a school uniform inspired by the new Alisha Weir. Just make sure to have the red ribbon in her hair and a few books under their arm too.

Animals – Animals of any description are a fantastic choice of costume. There are hundreds of children’s books that include animals. The lovely Pretend to Bee recently gifted the smallest one this costume for world book day. They have so many great choices of quality costumes. Plus a selection of matching mini costumes for their doll or teddy. They even have next-day delivery available if you’re desperate.

world book day 2023 owl costume pretend to bee

Mr Bump – The Mister Men and The Little Miss is a very old collection of books. However, using just an old dark blue T-shirt and some bandages you can easily turn any child into Mr Bump. A really nice easy one here.

mr bump costume

Pippi Longstocking – The only item that is essential is pipe cleaners but they’re extremely cheap and easy to find. This would be to plait them through your youngster’s hair in pigtails. Then you’ll be able to bend them up just as the beloved Pippi did. Then a dress with long odd socks or some fun leggings would work well. You can also add a monkey teddy to be Pippi’s best friend Mr Nelson.

pippi longstocking costume

Alice in Wonderland Card Guard – Use just two sheets of cardboard and some duct tape to make a sandwich board. Paint it white all over and add the Ace of hearts details in red. This outfit does take a little more effort but is worth it.

alice in wonderland costume

Little Miss Sunshine – Returning to the Mr Men and Little Miss books for inspiration. Going for an all-yellow outfit or just a top if that’s all you have. Combined with some pigtails and added freckles. This is another really simple look if you have something yellow.

little miss costume

Minecraft Steve – This is the one we’ve decided on this year! We’re using a blue T-shirt turned inside out as it has a design on it. Jeans and trainers and then I will draw a mask out on a piece of card. We just so happen to also have a Minecraft sword we can use so he can look just like Minecraft Steve. Again you could draw one on card if you needed.

minecraft costume

George’s Marvelous Medicine – George’s costume is really easy to replicate. He wears a red top and jeans. You can then print a picture of a bottle of medicine if you don’t have an empty bottle to use. Then add a wooden spoon for good measure.

world book day roald dahl costume

We Love Books

With just a tiny amount of thought and creativity, it is easy to come up with a great costume idea even if you don’t have much in the way of ‘costumes’ at home. The key elements to focus on are easy clothes with added accessories to fully tell the story. It really is that simple.

Do you have any top tips for great but easy costumes? Let us know in the comments below my loves.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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