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Personal Goals for 2023 Update

It’s easy to make a new year’s resolution. It’s harder to implement real changes. This post will help you stay on track

Here we are nearly midway through February, already. I thought it would be a great time to catch up on our personal goals for 2023. Last month there was a post where we shared our personal aims for 2023. Discussing how and why having an idea of what you want from the year is helpful. That it can make you more productive when you know what you’re aiming for. Today let’s discuss where you are at the moment and how you can stay motivated. You will also find a few handy printouts and tips to help you continue on your journey to an epic 2023.

stay motivated

Where Are You in Your Personal Goals for 2023?

Now we’ve had a month to really get into the idea of setting goals and reaching them. Let’s stop for a moment to contemplate what you’ve managed to stick to. It is also important to recognise why you managed to accomplish this. For example, if you’re aim was to try and save money whilst also eating healthier. You may recognise that a particular change in diet or an addition of a great value meal is helping you achieve both. It could be the recipe is easier and you find it easier to stick to due to that, making it less likely to buy takeout.

You also need to look at the areas you may not have done so well in. This is not to beat yourself up with the bits you didn’t do. In fact, it is the exact opposite. It’s so that you can switch them to the top of the priority list meaning they don’t get left out. Using the same example as above, perhaps you bought too much chocolate at the shop. So this week you can focus on finding or making some cheaper alternatives to your sweet treat snacks. Flapjacks are brilliant for this exact reason.

No matter what your goal is it is very important to keep track of all the little wins along the way. This helps you realise all your managing to reach whilst helping feed your motivation as well.

Top Tips To Stay Motivated

The second month is an easy one to drop off when it comes to new goals. Especially if even after seeing what you added to your goals last month wasn’t a lot or anything at all. Don’t give up! You have a whole new month 12 times this year alone. It’s all about adding little steps to each day of your life and then adding that up over time. Roman wasn’t built in a day. Here are five ways to stay motivated and on your path to achieving what you want to in 2023.

stay motivated
  1. Reward yourself for the small wins – your brain appreciates it and keeps you motivated to do more.
  2. Keep breaking bigger goals down into smaller steps – your brain doesn’t overwhelm itself.
  3. Never compare – your journey is just that, yours and comparing doesn’t help.
  4. Positive thoughts go a long way – fake it til you make it really works.
  5. Daily check-ins – just mental ones at least to keep track of your smaller steps.

Although there are many ways to motivate yourself these are great daily motivations you can use to keep moving your goals forward. Music can also be a big motivator for cleaning or working out. You can also use daily positive affirmations which can also be good for your whole mood.

Next Steps to Keep Achieving Your Personal Goals for 2023?

So where do you go from here with your personal goals for 2023? It’s simple and that is to keep breaking them down. It’s never about getting it all done in a day it’s about taking small steps towards a larger goal. Continuously taking them until the larger goal is completed. Below I have added a printout for a weekly goal diary. It is your whole week broken down by day with sections added for ‘small steps’. Then at the end of each week, there is a ‘reflection section’ for you to collect and condense what you achieved through your small steps. There is also a ‘thinking ahead’ section with bullet points so you can focus on your next small steps. This way you are able to plan each week thoroughly and make the most of each step and activity you do.

personal goals for 2023

You’re Doing Great Sweetie

Just remember though any and all steps towards a bigger goal are a win. As long as you don’t stop until you finish your target. You have a whole year nearly to still achieve it so don’t stop now. So you’re already doing amazing!

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