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Budget Fashion – Family Edition

Last money saving post of January 2023 and we’re talking budget fashion for the whole family

Considering most of the January 2023 posts on Tahnee’s Blog have been aimed at saving a bit of money here and there why not the last too? Today let’s take a look at budget fashion because clothing is always a huge expense with growing children. Let’s see if we can save a bit more cash for ourselves?

save money on clothes

With children constantly growing it is hard to keep up with them. Every other week in our house someone is having a growth spurt and needs new things. Having a budget option is so handy but if you hate the idea of budget shopping don’t worry this post has lots of info to get you started.

How To Budget Fashion Shop

Budget fashion shopping doesn’t need to sound as daunting as you think and a great place to start is to look online at outfits that you like for yourself. Then have the family do the same and you’re half of the way already.

budget fashion

Using this inspiration you can purchase items you like and that match well together and even put your own spin. Fashion is about style and confidence not just cost and that’s how it always should be.

What Items?

A huge saving can be had if buying clothes for the opposite season you’re in. For example, buying a winter coat when you know it’ll be on sale and putting it away for later in the year. Buying swimwear and Summer wear at the end of Summer in prep for next year. You can make great savings on purchases just by doing this.

Capsule Wardrobes

Perhaps consider a capsule wardrobe? It sounds complicated but it is essentially a small wardrobe of say 20 items or less of curated clothes. These can be used as a pick and mix and all go together too so are easy to style and keep the whole family looking tidy and smart. Below is a list of items you may have to work with for a teen and it doesn’t include underwear and socks.

  • 5 Trousers, jeans, joggers, leggings etc
  • 7 T-shirts
  • 3 jumpers, hoodies, shirts
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 1 swimwear item
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 coat
save money on clothes

You would make sure that all of these pieces could be worn together even if grabbed out in the dark. This limits the number of items that you’re purchasing and therefore saves you money. It also limits the amount of washing that will need to be done in regard to clothing. This is one I am keen to try for the family as I feel capsule wardrobes could be a big saver.

Budget Fashion Shops at Your Finger Tips

So where can you do all this online and fantastic shopping for the family? Well, you do have a number of options and it depends on a couple of factors. Below are 5 great places to inspire you to check them out the next time you need to kit the kids out.

Budget Fashion Shopping

  • Vinted – Big winner of 2023 in popularity. Can get some amazing quality brands and great prices as well as items for the whole family. Includes sports clothing and shoes which is fab for sporty families.
  • E5P – We have loved Everything 5 pounds since back in the days of our Autumn Lookbook and we still do. Since then they have branched out more into men’s and children’s fashion which is great and they have some really nice pieces that originated in high street stores etc.
  • Boohoo – Now I am putting Boohoo on here but it’s not as versatile as the others. It is women’s fashion but all the same, there are some bargains to be found. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it didn’t make the list next year though. I have found it to be a little overpriced during 2022, the end of free returns and ‘bargains’ being few and far between. It’s a shame if it does go down that road as so many of us enjoy their products.
  • Facebook – Facebook can be an amazing place to grab a bargain. Brand names come up often as do trainers and sports clothing in my area. All the same, keeping your eyes peeled pays and you may even spot a freebie every now and again.
  • Charity Shops – Thanks to the ever-trendy thrifty charity shops are sadly more expensive than we’d like. That’s not to say that a bargain isn’t available! Charity shops are great for coats and usually scarves gloves etc. Your essential winter warmers.

I hope these tips help you when thinking about buying new clothes for your family. This way you may also be able to save yourself a few pennies. Do you have a top tip you’d like to try or perhaps a great one that is not on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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