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Save Money On Shopping For Food

Saving money all the way through 2023, it’s the budget food shop post

Seeing as we’re still right at the beginning of 2023 let’s get off on the right foot. We spoke about energy budgeting last time so today let’s talk about how to save money on shopping. This can be a huge saving for families in particular but everyone can probably save a little bit here and there.

Most of us just grab a cart and go and although you do get the shopping done it is by no means efficient. Efficient food shopping saves not only money but time also. Let’s jump right on into it loves.

budget food shop

Meal Prep to Save Money Shopping

In nearly every list I have made on saving your finances meal prep will usually be included. This is because by far, as a family, this is where we have saved the most money on a regular basis. Deciding what you’re having helps in so many ways.

No more wondering what to do for dinner that will please everyone, off the top of your head. You don’t feel as tempted to spend money on takeaway food as you know you have everything ready to go. You won’t waste money buying items at the supermarket that don’t actually make up for a whole meal! Your waste is less so you’re wasting less money as well as produce.

budget food shop

You go with your list so shopping is faster, easier and cheaper at the supermarket. Plus if you want to splurge on a certain item it’s easier because you’ve saved money elsewhere in your shopping. If you’re not at least meal planning for the main meals you have you should, it could really help your wallet.

Bulk Up Meals

Bulking out meals is a cooking technique you can use to ‘bulk out’ meals with cheaper ingredients without losing flavour. Some great examples are dumplings in stews or a delicious Yorkshire pudding. It’s a way to make more expensive ingredients stretch further to feed more people or even cover more than one meal.

budget food shop

For example, you can stretch any mince dish further by ‘bulking it out’ with plain oats. They pick up flavour rather than adding any but will make your meals go much further if needed. The Feed Your Family for 20 Quid (just a name not an aim) has so many amazing tips on not only bulking meals out but saving money in general. From an amazing array of recipes to great meal plans and a million ways to save money shopping and cooking.

Best Supermarket Value Range 2023

The UK obviously saw the uproar that the Asda value range brought in 2022. Some said that it was calling out poor people just for being poor. Others were adamant everyone should just grow up and buy what they could afford. I wondered what was the best value range for 2022 so I can shop accordingly in 2023 and save money where I can.

save money on shopping for food

Trade magazine, The Grocer released research that said Lidl was the cheapest supermarket in the UK in 2022. This was followed by Aldi in a very close second. Based off of a shop of 33 typical household items Lidl came in at £46.58 which is really reasonable.

Value vs brand products has always been a fight. Some people have items they don’t trade brand for value but I think it’s always worth a try. You’ll probably find that there are a number of items you’re happy to use from the value range. My fave items are value pasta and sauces as they’re cheap and filling and you can add whatever you have to flavour. Great when you have four hungry males in the house.

Don’t Waste Leftovers to Help Save Money

Yes, use up those leftovers people. Better yet portion control when cooking and serving so you’re not left with lots of leftovers. Remember you can freeze lots of items for later use even though you may not think you can. Again FYF20Quid have lots of info on this too.

What are your top tips for saving money on your food shopping? Are you a yellow-label lover and can’t resist a lowered price tag? Let us know in the comments or join us over on the old socials.

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