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Money Saving Tips for 2023

With the rising prices let’s talk about saving money

Here we are in 2023 and although the hope of a new year sits in front of us many are still worried. The cost of living crisis has hit many of us so hard. Causing real problems last winter where people struggled to heat their homes. Some money-saving tips for 2023 could go a long way to saving you a few pounds here and there.

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The rise in pricing has hit everyone and we’ve even had to make sure to cut back on life ourselves. We now have no technology on in our house until 5pm which is not only saving us pounds of electricity during the day. It is also contributing to better behaviour all around and the children playing together more. However, finances right now are a real worry for many of us. So what are some simple ways to save money?

Money Saving Tips for Electricals

What Electricals Shouldn’t Be Turned Off?

Usually, this list would contain all the items in your home you should be switching off at the plug after every use. It is much simpler to list the electric items in your home that should be left on continuously as it’s shorter. This is one of the best money-saving tips to save money on your energy bill and something many of us already do. Here is the list of all items that should be left on continuously to not only maintain the electrical item but cost you less.

money saving tips for 2023
  • Your Fridge
  • Your Internet Router
  • Equipment needed for animals
  • Medical equipment

That is it! Everything else could and should be switched off at the switch. It won’t by any means make you a millionaire but it will make sure you’re not wasting money. Do you already turn everything off at the switch? In our house, it’s a must!

Best 3 Energy Companies for Price Right Now?

Although changing energy companies in the UK right now is…there are no words if we’re honest. It’s nearly impossible but that doesn’t change the fact that there are still people needing to either sign up or change their energy company. Below you will find the best 3 energy comparison sights in the UK right now (as of Jan 2023). If you want some more information on energy tariffs then this “How to get the best energy deal” from Which has amazing information.

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Due to the current market changes being applied in January 2023, you’re encouraged to recheck legitimate energy comparison sites to have up-to-date information.

Money Saving Tips 4 High Energy Appliances In Your Home?

  • Heating – The obvious one on the list for the price but having your heating timed can help keep costs down. Making sure everyone has warm home wear. Then there are blankets and hot water bottles so there are many options to save some pennies.
  • Tumble Dryers – This appliance is problematic as some rely solely on their dryers. That being said restricting your use will keep costs down. There are many good ways to aid the efficiency of your tumble dryer. Thus helping at least to keep the cost down. If you’re not as reliant on them and have a garden why not dry outside in nice weather? Saving you so much money in the sunnier months.
  • Entertainment Equipment – Although one tv on standby won’t run up too much of a bill, this is a big one for families. As stated above we have limited our own use. When you have four or more people watching TV, playing games and charging a phone and a laptop. It really starts to add up to a high energy bill. Limiting these will save you money on your energy bills. Making sure they’re turned off at the plug or even unplugged when not in use is best.
  • Cooking Equipment – This is a really hard one because all of us have to eat and thus cook or use cooking equipment at some point. A good idea is to use the correct-sized pots and pans and not bigger than you need. This should help your food cook faster and save you energy. Keeping your appliances clean will also make them work more efficiently.

If You Need More Help?

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Don’t forget if you’re really struggling then getting hold of your energy company or local council can really help but if that is a dead end check out the National Energy Foundation which may be able to support and help you. I hope some of these tips at least help!

There are many more options available to make bigger savings but most come with large upfront costs. Not exactly everyday changes that we can all afford to do. What is your go-to money-saving tip for energy? We have written lots of money-saving and budgeting posts if you want more ways to save. Plus keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon.

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