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Personal Goals for 2023

Use these great tips to make the most of your 2023

Who doesn’t love the start of a new year? It’s a fresh start of 12 brand-new months for you to pour into and achieve your personal goals for 2023. Well at least start off on the right foot, right? Most people start the year with good intentions and lots of new years resolutions.

We get a few months into the year having forgotten them most of the time and by the time the year ends we ‘achieved’ nothing. With just a couple of top tips, you can actually achieve the personal goals you set for yourself or even for your family.

Why Setting Personal Goals Works?

In the world we live in many people don’t agree with setting new years resolutions for many reasons. Some don’t agree with only bettering yourself for the month of January and then tapering off at the end. That bettering ones self is a year-round, daily practice that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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Many don’t bother setting them knowing full well that they would break them within a week and it becomes pointless. Many people are not looking to improve their lives in this manner and whatever your stance on the subject is fine.

I have found personally that setting not only my personal goals but wider family goals has improved our lives tenfold. The goals set can vary in size, importance or priority but they have improved our spending habits, home life and beyond.

What Targets Should You Set?

Your targets should focus on ways to improve aspects of your life where you feel you need change. Perhaps spending money is a problem and you need to squeeze more out of your pennies? Perhaps you’ve let your personal relationships slip a little in recent years. Or maybe you want to move forward in your working life?

Here are 5 targets that can instantly improve your daily life with a little practice and effort. This can include large goals such as saving or planning for your wedding. We all have big life events that we have put on the back burner. Down to small daily or weekly tasks that can save you money.

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  • Food Planning – Saves Money
  • Move More – Improves health, can save money on fuel etc
  • Prepare Your Big Life Events – Vacations, house moves, weddings, new children, graduations etc
  • Give Up A Bad Habit – This can again save your money and health
  • Take On A New Hobby – This can get you into a better space mentally

5 Tips For Achieving Your Goals

Set Realistic Achievements

The first place you need to start is setting a realistic goal for yourself or your family. So if you’re intending on becoming a billionaire by the end of 2023 without an equivalent paycheck? It’s going to be hard or you need a miracle. Besides that, you can achieve most things you set your mind to. From something as small as baking delicious recipes to getting in shape, starting a business and beyond.

Also, be realistic about the fact that your goal may actually take longer than 12 months but it’s more about focusing on the 12 months ahead for now. How can you add your goal over the next year?

Write Your Personal Goals Down

According to Google, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goal when you write it down. The reason is very simple but makes 100% sense. Once you write it down the imaginative right side of your brain links up with your logical left side. Meaning that not just the imagination is dealing with your goals anymore. The logical part has gotten involved and will work hard to help you solve anything to achieve your targets.

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It’s the ultimate of using your own brain to its full potential to make your life head in the direction you want.

Break Your Targets Into Smaller Sections

Some goals especially those that are big life events or perhaps cost larger amounts of money do better broken up. A great example is redecorating your home or purchasing a new car. They can be large, overwhelming targets that seem impossible at the start but break it up into steps and you’re winning.

Try a twelve-step plan that allows you to achieve your personal within the 12 months of a year. This gives you one monthly goal you need to meet that allows you to fulfil your larger goal. You could even break that down further to a weekly goal. Either way, as long as it’s aiming towards your goals you will realise you’re accomplishments are piling up.

Guilt-Free Goal Achievement

Most of the time people quit their new year’s resolutions or goals because if we’ve not done anything by the end of January there’s no point. This isn’t the best way to look at yearly goals at all because you get a year! This is just needed guilt that we don’t deserve when we are putting effort into being better or doing better.

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Looking at the goals my husband and I set ourselves for 2022 and when we achieved them are much later in the year. See below just so you know that if it’s not ‘complete’ by January you don’t need to quit before you start.

  • Move to a larger property – started January 2021 and finished September 2022
  • Quit Smoking – Started January 2022 and finished October 2022

These two huge goals were in between a lot more individual targets we wanted to achieve and I’m proud to say, thanks to lots of these tips, we achieved what we wanted for 2022 and more. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet the time frame you wanted. That was key to giving up smoking and each day was a new day to try again to give up.

Have A Monthly Personal Goals Check-In

This is a key element to keeping your goals on track and that is a monthly goal check-in. Did you meet all the smaller targets you set? If not no need for any guilt as you can replan now. It also helps you keep an eye on how much you’ve already achieved and this will help you keep going forward. Don’t forget to use this time to double-check the next section of your plan will work or doesn’t need a week here or there to work better.

Following these small tips will help you stay focused on your goals and more importantly complete the targets that are important to you. Do you set yourself goals each year? Maybe you feel it is a waste of time? Either way, let us know below and be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. That way you can keep up with all new blog posts and more.

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