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Stay Active This Winter

Looking for a great gift to keep the kids active? No matter the weather Character toys have got you covered

It’s officially the festive period surely? Loads of people have their Christmas trees up already, myself included. Do you? The weather has even started to get chillier and we find ourselves spending more time indoors. It’s getting darker earlier and the kids are not spending as much time outside. That doesn’t mean they can’t stay active this Winter. Thanks to Character Toys everyone can keep moving and having fun this Winter and for the whole year.

Thanks to Character toys and their Stay Active range of toys, the whole family can enjoy fun ways to keep moving even if it is Winter, in fact, all year round. Play them indoors or wrap up and get outside and enjoy the fresh air and some fun movement for the family. We were lucky enough to be sent two great toys to try out and share with you and we loved them. First, let’s discuss why regular physical activity is important.

The Benefits of Moving

Stay Active for Mental Health

Even as adults we know that exercise can help us feel good. It releases endorphins and helps us to feel achieved as well as healthy. That is why movement is so good for mental health and why we always encourage our kids to ‘go out and play’. We know it’s not just playing but it’s a key movement that they need daily.

Improved Control

Certain exercises help teach your children to balance, have dexterity and a plethora of other skills that come with any sport, exercise or movement. You don’t want that to necessarily be dictated by weather or the time of the year.

Less Screen Time

It’s always nice to get the kids away from tech for a little while. We love tech-free time in our house and never need an excuse to enjoy some family fun. Great toys that encourage practice and time can help teach focus and drive.

Keep Moving With The Jump It Lap Counter

As mentioned above we were sent two fantastic toys to enjoy and that’s exactly what we have done. Got a coat on got outside and enjoyed some fresh air and some great toys. The first is the Jump It Lap Counter which is great fun. It helps your child establish balance skills whilst also counting each ‘lap’ it does. Great for those who love to skip and it is a real challenge.

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Every time your child completes a loop it adds to the counter. Who can get the highest jump count? Great for playing indoors also as the ball is attached to the ankle securely. Meaning it can’t just go flying off and cause damage.

Stay Active With The Hip Hoppa

The new Hip Hoppa is a great new version of a pogo stick. Using an inflated ball at the bottom the Hip Hoppa has a keen focus on balance skills. Test your child’s coordination skills and see how many hops they can do.

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Being a small inflatable ball means that the Hip Hoppa doesn’t bounce too high so is still perfect for inside use. This was a real blast from the past as I had a very similar jumping toy as a child so it was also a really nostalgic toy.

Overall these got a huge thumbs up from the brood and that’s not an easy task! They enjoyed the jumping competitions. It was great to see them outside even if it was a little colder than normal but still be able to enjoy them inside. The Stay Active range also has lots of other great toys available. These are available from Smyths, Argos, Amazon and other retailers so I think I’ll grab a couple for Christmas. They’d make fantastic gifts you wouldn’t always think to buy. Do your kids love active toys? Do you want them to get out and enjoy some active toys more? Maybe just a reason to turn the screen off? This is the perfect option for you and your child!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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