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Children’s Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Need some Christmas gifts on a budget but still on trend? This children’s gift guide is for you

It is nearly only a month until Christmas so it has to be safe to talk about it right? I hope so as we’re starting off this Christmas season with an ultimate children’s Christmas gift guide for 2022. It is safe to say we are all feeling the pinch this year. Whether it’s from rising prices in the UK or the ever-present fuel price problem.

Festive Fun

For most Christmas is a hard enough time of the year just covering all the bills in the first place. That isn’t with the added load of presents, food and the need to feel like you’re keeping up with the Joneses on social media (which you don’t by the way, just getting by is ok). With that in mind here is a great children’s gift guide for 2022. This was inspired by the great toy shop Hamley’s own Christmas list but on slightly more of a budget.

Is It A Children’s Christmas Gift Guide Without Peppa Pig?

Yes, even after nearly 2 full decades Peppa Pig is still a staple on any toddler’s Christmas list to Santa. The great thing about the Peppa Pig ranges is that they are so vast. From skipping ropes, bikes and scooters. There are play sets and figures, plushies and play tents. Then there are art sets and games that the Peppa Pig gift list really is endless.

With this in mind, you really can’t go wrong with a Peppa gift. With pennies needing to stretch further why not see what B&M has to offer. We took a recent trip there for a bit of Christmas shopping and found some great deals. The play sets were a bargain and ranged in price from around £9.99 to £19.99. They also have a great selection of Peppa items in their brilliant 2 for £20 toys.

Board Games Are Back Baby

Maybe your family enjoys a classic meltdown to Monopoly? Or is a laugh at Buckaroo more your thing? Also is there anything better than a couple of board games over Chrimbo Limbo? I think not so for 2022 give the gift of a board game.

Festive Fun

It may be a digital life we all live now but that makes gifts like this extra special. If you’re looking for any of the classics such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Guess Who, etc, then Argos is a great choice. Be sure to give B&M a check too though as we recently purchased a fair few from there. They had 2 games for £12 deals on and also some great classics for under £20. These included The Game of Life and Jumanji.

Funko Pops

This is a great choice for tweens, teens and those who love Funko’s. Although you can purchase Pop’s from Amazon, Pop in a Box, Smyths and many other places online and on the high street. One of my favourite places to scout for Funko’s is HMV. These little figures have become a pop culture moment.

If you want a more specific Pop then online will be best. Funko also covers enough franchises that you will for sure find something for anyone you look for. Gaming, anime, The Royal Family, tv shows, films, Disney and so many more choices they’re almost endless.

R.C Vehicles and Drones Making The Children’s Christmas Gift Guide

Another fantastic toy that can span such a wide age range it is an easy gift that will be loved. With many choices of budget-friendly but fun remote control vehicles and drones available you can’t go wrong. Whether it’s a car that flips when you hit a wall, a drone or even little orbs you fly with your hand movement. R.C is always a fun choice.

christmas gift guide children's

With prices as low as just £6 Smyths is a great choice to shop. They also have a huge selection of different styles of control and vehicles. A great gift for anyone who loves speed, cars, racing or just going a little crazy with an R.C car. We’ve all been there.


Whether you love a classic branded Playdough moment or love a fun branded alternative such as Morphle Dough. Everyone loves getting creative with some good old-fashioned coloured dough. This makes a great gift for under the tree or just buy a pot or two for the perfect stocking filler.

When it comes to getting creative is there a better choice than The Works? They have a fantastic collection of modelling dough, accessories and fun sets. Their prices are just as brilliant so a great choice for a few budget gifts this Christmas.

The Focus Of Christmas and Gifts

One thing was definitely reflected in a lot of the Christmas chatter and gift lists and that was longevity. People wanted gifts that lasted longer for their money. It makes sense considering how hard everyone’s bank balance has been hit this year. Don’t forget though that Christmas is never really about the gifts it’s the memories. It’s the cold nights counting down the Christmas light switch on. Ugly cry laughing whilst playing charades. It’s snuggling up all warm and watching a Christmas film. Those memories stick but I hope this list helps you a little.

christmas gift guide children's

Don’t forget if you are really struggling then the charity shop or the Pound Shop is a lifesaver. They will usually have a great selection of games, books and sometimes even a few decent toys. A good board game, lots of smiles and your time are enough. Christmas is what you can make of it.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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