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Charlton House Hotel and Spa

Are you looking for the perfect treat as well as the perfect way to truly relax? Then this is for you

Stress, we all have stress and it can have a very profound effect on your body, mind and soul. It can also be very hard to turn a blind eye to the stresses of everyday life. Whether it’s work, socialising, finances, parenting and just life in general. Yeah, it can be a lot and sometimes overwhelming. That’s when you might need more professional means of relaxation and Charlton House Hotel and Spa is the answer you need.

Nestled in the stunning countryside of Shepton Mallet amongst the peaceful hums of nature. Why not whisk yourself away to luxury, calm and relaxation? I was recently gifted a spa day with a choice of treatment from my husband. I can confirm that this is not only a fantastic gift idea for someone you love. It is also a treat you should really consider for yourself as part of some self-care time.

charlton house hotel and spa

Why A Spa?

As mentioned above the constant rush of every day can become very overwhelming. Whether you’re working to keep the bills paid, a stay-at-home parent who is juggling schedules or you’re doing both. It can be really hard to disconnect from it all and truly unwind. Without just checking your emails or your socials, we all know how it goes.

Sometimes we need to put ourselves in a more favourable setting to allow for real switching off from the outside world. That is when going to a spa is a perfect option for you. It purely encourages the most coveted ‘Me’ time.

There are usually options for treatments that you can enjoy as well as onsite amenities. Again, these are specifically designed to help you relax as much as possible and who doesn’t want that? After my recent visit to Charlton House Hotel and Spa, it’s easy to see why it is a popular choice.

Charlton House Hotel and Spa Hydropool

The first option you will want to try is the Hydropool available. This is an option available to anyone attending the Spa and is not usually considered an extra treatment you would pay separately for. The temperature was beyond perfect and you can feel the stress instantly begin to melt away.

charlton house hotel and spa

It also has a selection of jets and bubbles that blast away the tension in your muscles. Leaving you prepared and ready for more relaxation. There is also a small swim way that leads to a section of an outside pool area. On a brisk day, it is like bliss to feel the brisk wind on your face as you bathe in lovely warm water.

Hot Tub

The outside area is also where you’ll find the luxurious hot tub. Being very large it really is such a treat to just sit back and listen to the wind in the trees. Enjoy nature in the warmth of bubbly heaven and you can even enjoy a bubbly beverage whilst you do.

What screams decadence more than enjoying a hot tub in the middle of the day with a glass of bubbles in hand? Yes, the hot tub is wonderful but that is not all of it of course.

Steam Rooms and Saunas

Available at Charlton House Hotel and Spa are three different choices of steam rooms and saunas for your relaxing pleasure. Each one is dedicated to helping you strip back the stress and sweat out all those worries and woes.

charlton house hotel and spa

There is a laconium room, a crystal steam room and a Finnish sauna for you to experience. There are also some beautiful showers to use in between these rooms for comfort and hygiene. Finally, you also have the use of an ice fountain for scrubbing after your steams and saunas.

What Treatments Are Available At Charlton House Hotel and Spa?

Now that you’re really feeling the relaxation kicking in why not go all the way with a great choice of treatments. The most obvious massages are the back, neck, head or shoulders. Or perhaps an Elemis facial is more to your liking. No matter what there are individual treatment rooms so privacy is fully maintained.

These treatments may come as part of your designed package or maybe an item that would need to be paid for. It is always advised to double-check with your spa provider on this if you’re worried.

Food and Drink

Now you are fully relaxed it is a great time to check out the food and drink on offer. The menu that we saw was light and breezy brunches which were exactly what we wanted. Nothing too heavy so that your relaxation is disturbed by too much food. The value was also amazing for such a deluxe menu with eggs benedict coming in at just under £9. A glass of rosé was also just under £8 so again great value for great quality food and drink.

relaxing spa

The dining room and lounge or bar area are also very comfortable. With heavy but comfortable furniture perfect for a cosy drink. Then opening out and brightening up with the dining area being located in a wonderful conservatory. Beautiful and classical throughout just adding to that over-the-top indulgence.

An Overnight Stay at Charlton House Hotel and Spa?

Not forgetting that first and foremost Charlton House Hotel and Spa is also mainly a hotel. We were not fortunate enough to steal a night away here but if it had been possible I have no doubt it would be just as amazing as everything else.

Overall the building, the staff, the amenities and the treatments were all exactly what you want from this experience. Professional, polite and nothing was too much for anyone. You were made to feel at home and welcomed. This makes for an extremely pleasurable but relaxing time whether it’s only for the day or longer. Have you ever been to a Spa or have one you’d recommend? Do you have any tips to relax be it at home or at the spa? We would love to hear your thoughts either below or over on our Facebook let us know.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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