autumn watch list 2022

Autumn Watch List 2022

Nothing better than a cuppa, a blanket and an Autumn watch

Hello, you beautiful lot and welcome back to another autumn-inspired blog here on Tahnee’s Blog. Today’s blog is a fully Autumn inspired watch list as 2022 has a plethora of binge-worthy watching for your eyeballs. With the return of some truly iconic characters and new tales from iconic storytellers. An autumn watch list had to be done. It might be noted that not all these are suitable for young viewers but they’re great grown-up stories.

Cosy Days Call For An Autumn Watch List

As the days get darker faster and are getting colder too. We will all be spending more time indoors and that means using the telly more. Having so many different streaming and tv services is nice but it can be a little overwhelming. Especially when it comes to new programming. Here you’ll find a great selection of films and shows that are perfect for some Autumn binge-watching.


Hocus Pocus 2 – Autumn Watch List Must (Sept 30th)

“It’s been 300 years…”

Well, it has been since 1993 that we have waited for a sequel and now we are finally getting it, SISTERS (did you do the voice?). Yes, Winnie, Mary, and Sarah are back and there’ll be hell to pay. Without Zachery Binx keeping guard what will happen in this magically anticipated sequel? We can’t wait to find out.

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Pinocchio (Sept 8th)

The live-action version of Pinocchio is brought to us by, none other than the legend himself, Robert Zemeckis. The animation/ CGI looks stunning alongside the live-action performance. This is going to be a great family watch that everyone will enjoy. Just be good when you get to the island!

Don’t Worry Darling (Sept 23rd)

Is the film or the drama surrounding it more critically acclaimed? Putting the drama aside this film looks gritty, intriguing and mysterious. With performances from Harry Styles, Florence Peugh and many more it seems a good watch snuggled up with a cuppa.

Halloween Ends (Oct 14th)

Michael is on the prowl once again but the one thing he didn’t count on was, so is Hadfield. The town that he has tormented for decades has had enough of his regular murder sprees on their children. Who are just getting on with their babysitting and each other? They’re ready to fight back and rid their town of its murderous visitor once and for all.

autumn watch list 2022

Wendell & Wild – Autumn Watch List Must (Oct 21st)

The animated vision starring Key and Peele looks like a masterpiece. This Horror comedy directed by Henry Selick follows demon brothers, Wendell and Wild. Join them as they face their hardest challenge yet and face their arch-nemesis. With help from the demon expelling Nun, Helly, and her alter boys.

Black Adam (Oct 21st)

Dwayne Johnson is in a role we expected sooner as he finally dons his superhero outfit as Black Adam. This has been in the works since The Rock signed up with DC in 2014 so let’s hope this film can bring the ‘new life’ it seems to promise. Allowing the introduction of the Justice Society of America to the DC universe seems promising.

Netflix Autumn Watch List

Fate: The Winx Saga (Sept 16th)

The magical, coming-of-age drama follows 5 faeries as they attend Alfea, the magical boarding school. Not only must they navigate teenage rivalry, love and drama but now potions, spells and evil magical villains? With season 2 already released, there are plenty of episodes for you to enjoy.

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Wednesday – Autumn Watch List Must (Nov 23rd)

Wednesday Addams doesn’t fit into mainstream schools and maybe that’s because she’s an Addams? Follow her on her journey through Nevermore Academy where she masters her emerging psychic abilities. Solves a mystery surrounding her parents and tries to deal with finally being a normal teenager, at least at Nevermore that is.

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities (Oct 25th)

In this eight-part series, we will see Guillermo Del Toro challenge the notion of what a horror story truly is. Telling 8 different tales per episode draped in magical, mysterious macabre tones. You will be horrifyingly delighted at the sinister stories yet to unfold.

The Midnight Club (Oct 7th)

In a mysterious hospice, eight members of the midnight club meet each night at midnight. Exchanging chilling tales and searching for any evidence of supernatural occurrences. What will they find in this building with such a mysterious background?

The School of Good and Evil (21st Oct)

Teens may fight with their friends but for Sophie and Agatha, this is taken to a whole new level. They find themselves swept into an enchanted world and an enchanted school. Here heroes and villains are trained to keep the balance between good and evil in the world stable. How will Sophie and Agatha cope with being on opposite sides of this delicate balance and epic battle between good and evil?

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Prime Video Autumn Watch List

Goodnight Mommy (Sept 16th)

When twin brothers return home to find their mother in an unusual state they grow concerned. Her face is covered in bandages. It also seems as though her whole demeanour has changed. The boys begin to suspect the person under the gauze isn’t their mother but who is she?

LORT – The Rings Of Power (Sept 1st)

Set 1000 years prior to both Bilbo and Frodo’s adventures with The One Ring. You will follow the journey of how the great powers were forged. Watch mighty kingdoms rise and fall, unlikely heroes win and epic villains are born. A great watch over a few cold evenings.


Hellraiser (2022) (Oct 4th)

A take on the 1987 horror classic sees a young woman struggling with addiction come into possession of the box. Not knowing its powers and thinking it was nothing more than a simple puzzle box. Blood, terror and torture are all that can follow with the Cenobites summoned once again.

Rosaline (Oct 14th)

Based on the novel ‘When you were mine’ this modern twist on Romeo and Juliet is a fun and fanciful comedy journey. Watching the love story of Romeo and Juliet unfold through the eyes of Juliet’s cousin and Romeo’s ex, Rosaline. This is 100% a comfort watch on a gloomy Autumn day.

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Grimcutty (Oct 10th)

Can hysteria make something real? Well, for this sister and brother duo that is exactly what has happened. They must work together to defeat the terrifying meme brought to life by the power of their parents’hysteria. To be honest guys I think this is meant to be scary and who knows it may well be but I thought it sounded ‘hysterical’ so wanted to add it to the list.

Old Classics Autumn Watch List


A Tim Burton classic amongst a list of classics. I mean we should never discriminate between Burton’s films but I also couldn’t just write a list of his films.

Whilst exploring her new home Coraline finds a door to the ‘Other’ world that mirrors her own in many ways. In fact, it may even be better than her own world. That is until her ‘Other Mother’ and the rest of her ‘Other’ family try to keep her there forever. Can Coraline find it inside herself to get back to her real world and her real family?

Halloweentown – Autumn Watch List Must

What a legend of a 90s movie franchise that is Halloweentown.

When Grandma Aggie comes to visit the Piper children notice her using magic. Intrigued they follow her back to Halloweentown where they find out family secrets and fight off evil magic. This really is such a great family Autumn movie.

autumn watch list 2022

Harry Potter – Autumn Watch List Must

There is a literal meme about these people so I really don’t think I need to explain more. Magical boy, bad snake man, wizards, witches and a whole heap of fighting. Abrakadabra great autumn viewing!

Gavin and Stacey

A British classic for sure and if you’ve not had a Gavin and Stacey binge lately this is your sign to do so. A hilarious comedy about two families coming together through love, tears and a whole lot of shenanigans. “Now clear off before I breaks your arm”.

If that isn’t plenty of Autumn viewing for you I don’t know what is? However, if more is what you want we do have more Family Autumn Movies. You can also leave your suggestions for a great Autumn watch either below in the comments or over on Facebook. Until next time my lovelies take care.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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