mens autumn fashion

What Young Men Should be Wearing This Autumn

Men’s Autumn fashion must haves, warm and stylish

Autumn is a time of change which is probably why people think about their wardrobe during the season. Style trends also tend to shift at this time of year and offer new colours and variations for the market. Here are some style trends to look out for and try during the autumn season. 

mens autumn fashion

Checked Shirts 

Checked shirts come and go, but they never go out of fashion completely. These days they are very much in fashion thanks to the latest style trends, which is good news for guys struggling for something to wear. Checked shirts are readily available and work well with different outfits. 

If you want to be in style this autumn, make sure you have plenty of checked shirts in your wardrobe; alternatively, have one or two checked shirts that you like in particular. Checked shirts work well with jeans, short jackets, and coats; they are also great for formal and informal events. 

Long Coats 

A long coat is anything that comes past the waist, and many of them reach the knees. Long coats are often on woman’s style lists since men tend to prefer shorter coats and jackets, but this season, you can expect men to be wearing long coats as well, and for very good reasons. 

Long coats are comfortable and stylish; if you live in a part of the world with unpredictable weather patterns, there is never a chance of getting caught in the rain with a long raincoat with a fleece lining. As we move into winter, a style long coat is the best clothing item to invest in. 

Custom Pendants 

A piece of custom jewellery is the perfect way to complete an outfit and make a young guy stand out from the crowd. With a piece of custom jewellery, you can choose the type of metal for the piece, the colour, and the design, so that it’s perfectly tailored to your unique personality. 

Consider a chain pendant this autumn to complete your style and make you feel unique for the season. A chain pendant can be custom-made for you, or you can choose from a range of popular pendants already on the market, and there are plenty to suit the spooky season as well.

Beanie Hats 

Autumn wouldn’t be complete without a beanie hat. Whether you are indoors or outdoors this season, you can enjoy the comfort, warmth, and style of a beanie hat without breaking the bank. That’s right; a beanie hat is the perfect subtle way to upgrade your autumn style and stand out. 

Beanie hats are not expensive to buy, but they can make a big difference to your overall style. If you have too many hats in your wardrobe, why not swap some out this season and update your style? Having a style that is the same but different every year is a nice way to adopt variation.   

Loose Clothing 

Everybody wants to be stylish in the autumn, but we want to be comfortable as well. This year you can expect style trends to embrace this idea encouraging young guys to switch from tight jeans to loose pants. Oversized sweaters are also on trend and perfect for a cosy autumn night.

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