Ways To Have Unique Experiences In Melbourne

  Ways To Have Unique Experiences In Melbourne

Make the most of your Melbourne getaway with these amazing ideas

Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, is home to a thriving arts scene, bustling restaurants and glorious scenery. Its unforgettable nightlife, a mix of people and the sheer variety of locations. This it what makes it the perfect place to try a huge range of unique and unforgettable experiences. Here are seven ways to make unforgettable memories and have unique experiences in Melbourne.

 Ways To Have Unique Experiences In Melbourne
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Experience Central Business District (CBD) Rooftop Bars

Few things can beat Melbourne’s skyline. Watch the sunset on the stunning cityscape or coastline at one of Melbourne’s premier CBD rooftop bars. Experience panoramic views with a cup of Melbourne’s world-famous coffee, or one of their impressive cocktails in hand. There’s something for everyone, from the party goers to the couple that wants an intimate evening. Watching the changing colours of the skyline from a rooftop bar in Melbourne is an unforgettable experience.

Experience A Hot Air Balloon Tour Over Melbourne

See the sunrise with a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne’s wine region, Yarra Valley. Catch a glimpse of the sun glinting off the glass of Melbourne’s CBD, while family vineyards dot the lush Yarra Valley. The beauty of a sunrise tour is that you feel like you’re enjoying a secret experience as you go up in the balloon before the rest of the world wakes up. The setting is intimate, unique and truly memorable.

Swim With Sharks In the Melbourne Aquarium

The Melbourne Aquarium itself is a fantastic way to get acquainted with numerous forms of sealife. But the Shark Dive Xtreme allows thrillseekers aged 14 and up to get up close and personal with multiple forms of shark. The event also includes an all-access pass to the aquarium for the day, with the unique experience to see feedings and different events that the staff do behind the scenes. It’s a great activity if you’re looking to support a teen that’s ready to take the plunge.

See The World’s Smallest Penguin

This little penguin is called the fairy penguin, and is barely bigger than a handbag. Reaching up to 41 cm, these cute creatures are found on some of Melbourne’s beaches, including Brighton Beach. In fact, if you walk over the boardwalk to the beach you’ll see lots of them tucked away and nesting, just out of sight. If you’re really lucky you’ll see them out and about, waddling across the beach. There are many nighttime tours that allow you to see the penguins come in from the sea to feed their young.

Drive A Supercar as Ways To Have Unique Experiences In Melbourne

Melbourne is home to many petrolheads as the home of Australia’s Formula 1 Grand Prix. The whole city is also home to drag racing, speedway and road racing, among others, so you can witness people racing firsthand. There are also multiple opportunities to drive your own supercar, with models ranging from a Lamborghini to an Aston Martin. Choose a car you’ve always wanted to drive before enjoying the racing itself.

Skydive Over St. Kilda Beach

Skydiving is a must-do for adventurous travellers, especially when it is over the skylines of Melbourne. From St. Kilda’s Marina you can take part in this fantastic experience, seeing the whole of Melbourne unfold before you. Spot the lush greenery of the botanical gardens and wine country, and the glint and glitter of the central business district. The beauty of this is that you have the benefit of travelling with an expert, so you can relax and enjoy the experience. Melbourne is a city of many landscapes, from urban to ultimate countryside, so this is a great chance to admire all of this all from above.

Fine Dining By Boat for Ways To Have Unique Experiences In Melbourne

Melbourne is home to many stunning waterways, some of which offer fine dining experiences at the same time you admire the surrounding scenery. Travel through lush wine country on the Spirit of Melbourne river cruise. The trip includes a four-course gourmet meal, unlimited drinks and a cheese platter. You can enjoy the glittering lights off the water as you indulge in a luxury and delicious meal. It’s great for the whole family or for an intimate dinner.

Making Memories In Melbourne

Melbourne is the perfect place to make some unforgettable memories. Watch the sunrise across the business district in a hot air balloon, and watch it set from a rooftop bar. Take your kids and thrillseekers to swim with sharks, go skydiving, or drive a supercar in style. You can even indulge in cuteness by seeing a fairy penguin, completely free of charge. 

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