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Spring Jewellery Inspiration

If you’re looking for the perfect Spring accessories we have all the inspo you need

Who else is living for the Sunshine right now? Even if the UK weather is a little unpredictable the sunshine sprinkled days are just what we need. It instantly gives you the feeling of wanting to wear cute outfits and get out every accessory you own, no, just me? Let’s get as much Spring jewellery inspiration as possible. Today let’s share some gorgeous jewellery picks for Spring 2022 thanks to Daisy Jewellery (ad).


Will we ever get over stacking rings? I personally hope not as it is such a boho mood. It can really add those final details to your outfit to make it Spring perfection. With so many celebs, including the KardJenner clan, it is a great fashion idea to recreate yourself. Here are some fab Daisy Jewellery rings to get you started. Most pieces are available in silver or gold which is perfect for whatever style you prefer. Wear them all together, mix and match with your fave pieces or just go simple with a couple of bands. The hexagonal and flower rings just scream Spring jewellery inspiration.

Spring Jewellery Inspiration for Necklaces

Along with lots of trends of the Nineties, layering necklaces has become much more of a predominant trend. Again, it can really add those finishing touches to your outfit. Celebs such as Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have all sported this trend so you know it’s a fashion winner. The best way to style this look is with some simple chains first. Then add an eye-catching necklace that has detail and makes it interesting. It is such an easy trend to achieve and Daisy Jewellery has got you covered.


Do you often find bracelets an overlooked accessory? I know that I don’t wear them often but as the shorter sleeves come out it’s like a must-have! It really is amazing how accessories and jewellery can really add that element of being put together. Taking the time to find classic pieces that suit your whole wardrobe isn’t as hard as you thought!

Earrings Perfect for Spring Jewellery

It’s 2022 and most people have at least one piercing by now. The most common one is ears and why should they miss out on the spring fun? Studs are the perfect go-to for a great Spring accessory. Easy to style and match with any outfit earrings are a great way to add some more personality to your outfit. Huggies are also big right now so maybe you prefer them? Here are a few top picks for you, including stack sets for multiple pierced ears.

Do you love some Spring jewellery inspiration? With so many awesome ways to express yourself jewellery is a great one. You can find inspo in the seasons, hobbies and so much more. Which pieces from this post would you love to rock this Spring? Let me know in the comments below what your fave piece is. Mine would be the daisy pieces as they just ooze Spring vibes.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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