Doodle jamz

DoodleJamz, The New Toy Trend of 2022

Is this the next toy craze to sweep the world? I’ll let you decide

With the Easter holidays beginning here in the UK, many parents will soon be putting their minds to entertaining their children. Preparing for Easter with activities and of course gifts for Easter day. What if I told you there is one product that covers all of these aspects of your Easter break needs. That’s right DoodleJamz will make a fantastic, chocolate alternative, gift for Easter. That will also keep the kids entertained for hours. Encouraging creativity and time away from tech.

What Are DoodleJamz

We were kindly sent two different types of DoodleJamz to share with you today but you may have already seen the viral videos on the interwebs. DoodleJamz is a fantastic sensory, mess-free drawing pad filled with non-toxic components. The two types available are the gel and bead variety and either is amazing for mess-free playtime. Including its own stylus so you’re littles are ready to draw, squish, shape, erase and start again whenever where ever.


One of the best aspects of DoodleJamz is the ability to personalise the background with any image you want. Why not add a selfie so that the kids can create a funny beard or hairstyle on themselves? Or even one of their favourite characters. Just by simply uploading your picture you can have the perfect sized picture ready for any backer cards you want. There is also a large selection of backer cards already designed for you to choose from.

Great Gift Idea

Easter fun

Many people prefer to give non-chocolate based gifts over the Easter celebrations and these could not be more perfect. Whether alone or part of a great Easter hamper, DoodleJamz is an amazing way to incorporate some great Easter crafts. This is how we enjoyed ours.

Is DoodleJamz the Next Craze?

With three boys to keep entertained during the holidays, we found DoodleJamz to be a great addition to our Easter fun. We added our own pictures of Easter eggs and bunnies to the Jellypics pads. The Jellypics pad includes a clear layer of gel with multicoloured beads. Making it fun and easy to colour and make unique pictures. My lads really enjoyed filling in the backer cards and spent ages ‘perfecting’ them and my middle son, 8, really enjoyed moving the beads to colour his egg.


The jelly boards are the second style of Doodlejamz board and it is made of two different coloured gels layered together. Giving it a super squishy feel. I set an Easter task to create an Easter picture on the Jelly board and my eldest son, 11, made fingerprint chicks and he used the stylus to add detail, showing that they can really get creative with it. They also enjoyed using it to write messages.

Easter fun

Overall a really great toy and also a very calming playtime experience. Great for any children who find sensory overload a problem as it’s a quiet but relaxing activity. Great for children who enjoy art and being creative with their art. Kids who just want to play with stuff that is squishy, so every kid, it’s great for every kid! Would you’re children love the DoodleJamz pads? What picture would you have personalised as a backer card? A huge thank you to Character toys for sending these pads over and making this post possible.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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