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Who’s the Morphle fan in your home? Have you seen the new toy range? Your child will love it!

Today’s blog is your official introduction to the world of Morphle. Who is that? Morphle is a new show that you watch on Tiny Pop any weekday evening. Follow Mila and her magical red friend as they overcome many problems. Helping teach your little one’s themes of friendship, problem solving and creativity.

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So many shows have great lessons folded within their story but Morphle is fun and imaginative along the way. Encouraging your child to not limit what they can think of in regards to playing but also problems they may face. We all know how important play is in the role of a child’s development. We also know we live in the age of technology and that, if done correctly, can have a positive impact on our children. Morphle is doing that and more.

Morphle the Morphing King

Mila and Morphle can overcome any problem with Morphle’s magic ability to morph into anything. Only limited by Mila’s imagination and now your child’s too! You can now purchase exciting Morphle toys to help expand your child’s playtime with the same great lessons and imagination.

We were recently sent a selection of Morphle toys to share with you and show you just how exciting they are. We have a huge fan in our home already. He was instantly in love with these since receiving them and your little ones will love them too!

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The New Toy Range

Morphle Talking Plush

Yes, the talking plush is the perfect addition to some playtime. A real-life magical best friend for your little magic makers to run around with. Enjoying adventures of their own or even recreating adventures they’ve seen on the show. Whether watching at home or even on the go it’s time for some morphing fun.

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Your child’s new best friend is there ready for new adventures, anytime. Just squeeze his tummy and hear him giggle and join in with the fun.

Dough Set

Does any child need an excuse to love playing with dough more? Now they can really get stuck in with the Morphle dough carry case. We used the set to morph our very own Morphle creations.

You can really encourage them to get messy and creative here which is key to great play and learning. The addition of the blunt utensils offers a great practice of fine motor skills. The excitement is only ramped up when creating with the Morphle moulds and cutters. We made our twin pack figures have lots of adventures in the dough (pic below).

Then when you are done pack it all away into the handy carry case, you don’t even need to worry about storage. Perfect for the littles and Mum!

Mini Figure and Vehicle

The Mini Figure and Vehicle is perfect for any lover of four wheels! In true Morphle style, the vehicles can come in an array of different forms. Such as the classic race car all the way through to a dinosaur. My little monster enjoyed bringing all his four-wheeled friends to join in with the Morphle fun. Our vehicles had fun following Morphle and Mila, on the television, to the beach.

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Twin Figure Fun Pack

Finally, we have the twin figure pack (designs can vary) that again are encouraging creative play and imagination. These have not been out of my little boy’s hand since they arrived. He will act out the Morphle episode he is watching or have his characters talk to the TV. Next, he’s making up his own stories. It is so wonderful to watch them interacting in so many ways and of course if you join in the fun is doubled. You can even use these with all the other Morphle toys to really expand the joy for your child.

twin pack toy figures

Not only is Morphle teaching our children great lessons through the show but now expanding that into our children’s play. The range of toys are varied and are really affordable and won’t break the bank, always nice. Making them a perfect purchase for any gift-giving you may also be doing. They’re really pairing play and problem solving so well!

Do you know someone obsessed with Morphle and would they love these toys? Let us know your thoughts or any questions you may have in the comments below or on our social media. Thanks for stopping by.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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