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Peppa Pig Weebles

Do you have a little who loves Peppa? Maybe they’ll love the new Peppa Pig Weebles toys as much as we did?

Are your little ones obsessed with Peppa Pig? With three boys ranging from the ages of 10 down to 2 Peppa and her family have been a staple for many years. From the DVD’s, books and toys there are so many great choices for the littles in your life. More recently the fantastic new range of Peppa Pig Weebles is available now at Smyths Superstore.

peppa pig weeble

Encouraging Play

The best thing about figures and playsets for a little one is the play, right? It should encourage them to learn skills you and I are not even thinking about. Simple skills for us but massive ones for them such as coordination. Just popping the characters into the train or pulling the train along can help them learn these key skills.

Not forgetting imagination as that is so important. Encouraging children to use their imagination can be key for so many future skills. Plus playing and having a great imagination is fun because most of all play should be fun.

What’s Available in the Peppa Pig Weeble Range?

There are so many new toys within the range that will make your child’s playtime even more fun. We were sent the Peppa Pig Weebles pull-a-long wobbly train and a 2 character figure pack. There are also lots of great wobbly characters as well as other wind and wobble playsets available.

peppa pig weeble train

What We Received?

As mentioned above we were sent a 2 pack of wobbly characters (from £3.99) and by we I mean my little boy who is 2. It was a Peppa and Zoe pack and he was immediately thrilled with them. Pushing them over and laughing as they popped back up. It also encouraged him to play that they were conversing, just like he sees in the cartoon. It was very sweet to watch him making up voices for them and making up stories with them.

He also received the Peppa Pig push-a-long train (RRP £19.99) which he played with for most of the day alongside the figures. It came with its very own Peppa weeble. The train has space for a driver and two passengers in the 2 extra carriages. He really loved the train and his face lit up when he initially saw it. When he pulled it along and made them wobble they were officially nicknamed Peppa wobbles.

Overall Thoughts on Peppa Pig Weebles?

These playsets are not only great quality for youngsters and will have great longevity. Making them great value for the prices they come in at. They kept my very active 2 year old happy and entertained for most of the day and I can see more being added to the collection over time. He really loved them and so that’s a thumbs up from mum!

Do your little ones love Peppa? Check out the stories, etc, over on the ol’ social media to see my little one enjoying the toys if you’re still in two minds!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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