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Christmas Cupcakes – Cheats Recipe

Simple, easy and they look amazing. Get into the festive spirit with this Christmas cupcakes cheats recipe

It’s November and it officially means we can start to think about Christmas, maybe you even have your decorations up already? No judging here, you go for it! Maybe you’ve started buying or prepping a few Christmas treats for family or friends? I recently felt inspired to create simple, easy but look amazing, Christmas cupcakes. It was actually the recent Halloween cupcakes that inspired these cute but awesome cupcakes. Whether you love making treats as gifts, for the kids, a Christmas party or even just for the festive period. These Christmas cupcakes are perfect and so easy to make with the cheats recipe.

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There are so many people who love to get creative during the colder months. Maybe it’s because we’re in the house more. I love making Christmas treats whether it’s our no-bake needed Christmas trees or our Christmas Pudding crispy cakes. Christmas is the perfect time for a delicious treat.

You Will Need

snowman cakes ingredients
  • A pack of frosted cupcakes ( we used Emma’s country cakes)
  • A pack of desiccated coconut
  • A pack of ready to roll White Icing
  • Cake pens (we used Cake Decor pens purchased from Asda)

How to Make Your Christmas Cupcakes

Making the toppers is the longest job but even that is really quick and simple. This is still a really quick and easy process and doesn’t take much skill to achieve. Lucky for us!

Making Christmas Cupcake Snowmen

First, let’s make snowmen by taking your white icing and rolling some into balls. Larger balls for bodies and smaller balls for heads. You can stack up to three ‘snow’ balls before needing to support them. Then using your cake pens simply draw on their eyes, smiles, carrot nose and buttons.

Next, you need to warm those snow people up with their cute little scarves and again these are so simple to make. Take a good blob of icing (professional measurement of icing, we all know is blob). Roll this into a long sausage shape as seen above. Then simply press them a small amount to flatten. Be careful not to press too hard or your scarf will stick and rip as you lift it. Decorate with any scarf design you like, we chose festive stripes.

Making Presents and Candy Canes

Starting with the gifts as they’re a little easier to make and again you need a blob of icing. Roll your blob into a ball and gently press each side until it turns into a little cube. Using your pens you can add ribbons to your gifts or even colour the icing with them.

This is how the candy canes were made. Taking a blob of icing and drawing on it with the red pen knead the colour into the icing. Repeat the process until you have the desired colour. Then taking one white icing sausage and the other red one twist the two around each other. Then roll both together into a larger sausage and cut to the candy cane size you’d like.

Putting your Christmas Cupcakes Together

snowmen cakes

Finally, you need to put all your components together to create your perfect Christmas Cupcakes. Start by covering the top of your cupcakes in the desiccated coconut. If you can’t use coconut grated white chocolate or even icing sugar will work just as well. Once the cakes are covered simply add your snowmen, gifts and candy canes to the top. Make sure to push the snowmen into the frosting so they stay in place. That’s it your done, perfect Christmas cupcakes for your Christmas party, friends or just a treat for the family!

Do you love getting a Christmas bake, or no-bake, on? We sure do and can’t wait to be in full festive mode. Considering Christmas 2020 wasn’t as ‘magical’ as we’d all hoped it would be many are determined to really make the most of Christmas 2021. Who would love these amazing cupcakes? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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