Autumn crafts for children

Autumn Crafts for The Family

The perfect way to celebrate Autumn before Winter is here! Autumn crafts the family can enjoy. Simple, easy and fun

In the spirit of great Autumn activities and making the most of Autumn why not take some time to enjoy some Autumn crafts with your family? It’s not only a great way to embrace Autumn but also keep the kids entertained during the half-term or school break, whichever you call it. Saving Mum’s and Dad’s a little sanity and maybe a warm beverage at the very least.

Most of these crafts I have found via various means of my own ideas and social media. A particular favourite is Pinterest and I pin lots of ideas in my Autumn and Parent boards that will give you so much inspiration.

Apple Print Pumpkins

Autumn crafts for kids

This is such a simple but fun activity and one you can use in many ways. Apple print pumpkins are so cute and so easy to make. Plus the kids will enjoy squidging the apple into the paint. Simply cut an apple in half and dip it into orange paint or any other colour you like. Then add a stalk and even faces to make them spooky. Why not turn these into cards for loved ones or even add to your home as Autumn decor.

Autumn Mobile Crafts

Autumn crafts for the family

This really is an amazing craft to enjoy making and using after. All you need is a stick, some beautiful natural Autumn leaves and some string. Besides the string, all of the items can be found during a nice Autumn walk which is always a bonus. Why not add a touch of Autumn nature to your home with these Autumn mobiles. Simply secure your leaves to your stick at that is literally it. The best thing is, you can add all sorts to your design. We added lights and look how lovely and cosy they turned out.

Conker Bears

Conker bears

Another craft incorporating all the bounties that Autumn brings are these sweet conker bears. Get out enjoying the Autumn weather and foraging for conkers, also known as horse chestnuts. Then simply add their little faces with pen or paint. You could add these to what we call an Autumn Plate which is a lovely home decor touch.

Autumn Salt Dough Crafts

Salt dough crafts

Most of the time you think of salt dough you imagine Christmas crafts but you can also make lovely Autumn decorations with it as well. Simple shape your dough into leaf shapes or simple circles with the leaves imprinted on them. Add a hole to the top and then you can hang them up when they’re done. Don’t forget to paint them and if you want them to last longer give them a top coat of protection. You could always add these to your Autumn mobile too. Here is a great Salt Dough recipe if you need it. We opted for Autumn coasters perfect for our hot chocolates.

Do your family enjoy a good seasonal craft? Which of these crafts would your family enjoy the most? Ours would love the salt dough as they all love to paint. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope the little ones enjoy these crafts too. Don’t forget to tag me on Facebook or any of the official social media platforms. Would love to see all your Autumn creativeness.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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