autumn activities

Autumn Activities

With Autumn in full swing make sure you make the most of it with these fun ideas

Autumn is fully upon us with leaves slowly turning red and falling from the trees. With unseasonal warm sunshine and very little rain. It feels like one of the nicest Autumn / Fall seasons for ages! Probably because we can actually enjoy this year a little more. The October holidays are also fast approaching. Why not check out these fun but cheap Autumn activities that the whole family can enjoy and really make the most of the season.

Collect and Play Conkers

Autumn activities conkers

Do you remember being younger and spending hours filling bags full to the brim with conkers? Hauling it home with your friends and then proceeding to spend another hour finding ‘the best one’. How did you get yourself a champion conker? Most of us have stories from boiling them in vinegar to coating them in varnish. Getting a parent to drill holes through them and then let battle commence. In recent years the game of conkers has been discouraged in most playgrounds. Why not bring it back and get a whole family tournament going? A great nostalgic way to enjoy Autumn and the natural harvest it provides.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Autumn activities pumpkin picking

Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch to do some pumpkin picking? It is a perfect way to spend an Autumn day but has only become more popular in past years. We travelled out to one a few years ago now and we really did have such a wonderful day. You can now find pumpkin patches all over the U.K and they’ll be perfect picks for your jack ‘o’ lanterns too.

Top of the Autumn Activities is Baking a Pie

Autumn activities baking pie

Is there anything more Autumnal than snuggled up, candles lit, tea steaming, Hocus Pocus on the T.v, tucking into a gorgeous homemade pie? Whether you use the pumpkins you picked or buy fruit from the store. Whether you make your pastry from scratch or buy it ready-made (it’s me, that’s me). Get the house smelling of freshly baked pie and mast the most of the darker nights rolling in. It is such a good excuse to snuggle up with a hot drink and a good watch.

Read a New Book

Autumn family fun

Whilst you’re snuggled up with tea and pie, why not crack on with a new book? I know for many finding the time in the day to read seems a million miles away. Since becoming a Mum I have read next to nothing, to be honest, and when I do start reading I just fall asleep. That’s what raising kids will do to you! If you have the same problem why not try a book like Jim Chapman 147 things as they are books that can be put down whenever you need.

Welly Walk A Must On The Autumn Activities List

Autumn family fun

Is there anything better than getting out and enjoying the beautiful colours of Autumn? The blaze of reds, orange and yellows sweeping the trees. The stunning misty fogs that blanket it early in the mornings with a crisp breeze in the air. Or a twilight stroll through crispy leaves. Autumn walks really are the best. You could even play an Autumn nature bingo and get the kids really enjoying their time outside.

Donate to a Harvest Cause

Autumn harvest donating

With Autumn comes harvest time and is a great time to remember to give back to our communities. Whether it’s donating to a local food bank, adding the collections that many local supermarkets have or donating to another cause that means a lot to you. No matter how little you can give it all adds up and makes a huge difference. With the colder weather coming in any help given is great. If you want to donate food and aren’t sure where to go then Google will of course know your nearest points. What a wonderful way to celebrate Autumn.

Do you love Autumn? What do you love most about this time of the year? For me it’s the cosy nights tucked up warm in the house. If you feel inspired and this isn’t enough for you why not save the Autumn bucket list below and see how many of the Autumn activities you can tick off.

autumn bucket list

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a wonderful Autumn.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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