7th heaven avocado clay mask

Superfood Avocado Clay Mask – 7th Heaven

Don’t suffer with dry, irritated skin this Autumn and Winter. This 7th Heaven face mask is a great way to take care of it!

The colder weather is coming in and skin is always going to feel the main brunt of the cold weather. For many, this means dry, flaky and sometimes sore skin. Could the 7th Heaven Superfood Avocado Clay Mask help with that? I have tried many of their products and they even feature over various posts on the site. A more recent post was this Summer Pamper post where I included their hair mask. I recently tried out one of these new masks to see what it was like and today thought I’d share my thoughts.

7th heaven superfood avocado clay mask

The Ingredients

The main two ingredients within this face mask are avocado and walnut. Avocado is a fab ingredient to both eat and apply to the skin. It is full of really beneficial fatty acids, oils and vitamins. These can help keep skin moisturised and hydrated. The perfect ingredient to add to your cold-weather skincare routine.

The next is walnut and this is added in a crushed form creating a natural exfoliant within the mask. It should be noted that walnut can sometimes be too aggressive for some peoples skin. It can actually create more damage and make skin drier and flakier. I combated this with changing my application method and went against the advised application process. We’re facemask rebels over here!

The Scent of the Avocado Clay Mask?

When opening the package of any face mask you have to have a good sniff of it don’t you? The Superfood Avocado Clay Mask had a very natural smell. Due to 7th Heaven only using natural ingredients in their skincare. It smelt like that fresh salad, watery type smell. Almost borders on a cucumber scent just to give an idea. It smelt fresh, light and natural. Perfect for face skincare!

The Application

The packet advised to clean your face, massage the facemask on your face and then allow it to dry. Due to the walnut and not wanting to damage my skin or make it flaky or dry. I actually applied the face mask gently with a clean makeup brush instead. This way you’re not grating the walnut against your face and potentially causing more problems for your skin.

7th heaven superfood avocado clay mask

Allow it to dry for the full 15 minutes. The best thing about this clay mask is it isn’t super tight or drying. Thanks to the main avocado ingredient the Superfood Avocado Clay Mask was actually really nice on the skin when drying and didn’t pull or tighten too much.

Then taking a clean washcloth and some warm water simply soften the mask back up and gently, really gently wash the mask off. I found that this allowed the walnut to help lift dry skin and exfoliate the skin without it being too much. A gentle exfoliate and a ton of hydration.

clay face mask

Superfood Avocado Clay Mask – The Results

After using the mask my skin felt really clean but not stripped of natural oils. That could lead to more dryness for the skin on the face. My skin felt super hydrated and soft. I also noticed that it calmed a lot of blemishes that were on my face and they weren’t as noticeable. Overall a great mask if the cold weather sucks the moisture from your face, leaves you flaky, dry or sore.

perfect autumn 7th heaven face mask

I can’t wait to try the other Superfood masks range. There are currently four in the range and include two clay masks, one mud mask and one peel-off mask. Focusing on hydration and rejuvenation making them perfect for the cold weather coming. You can check all of them out via the 7thheaven website.

Do you love a face mask? What is your favourite brand to use? I like to use 7th Heaven and I’m also a fan of Garnier for their sheet mask. Let me know in the comments below your opinions if you’ve tried this mask. Or if you have a recommendation for a great Autumn/Winter face mask.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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