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Adding A Little Celtic Flair Through Your Jewellery

The perfect jewellery vibes? Celtic could be just right for you?

Whether it’s something to represent your own heritage or it’s just a style that you love? There’s no denying the romanticism and the spiritual flair that’s so widely present throughout Celtic jewellery. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the most well-known Celtic jewellery symbols and why they deserve a place in your look.

celtic jewellery
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The Celtic knot

Perhaps the most widely known Celtic symbol is the Celtic knot. This is used in all manner of designs that are supposed to look “tribal” and has been widely used in tattoos as well as jewellery. The Celtic knot can appear on all kinds of jewellery and is designed to represent eternity. This meaning can be deepened by the specifics of the jewellery. For instance, a wedding ring featuring a Celtic knot can be used to represent eternal romantic love, but it can also represent eternal friendship, devotion, familial love, and more.

The Triquetra

Also known as the Trinity knot, this is a triangular symbol made of Celtic knot styled twirling lines. While the connection to modern Christianity and the concept of the Holy Trinity might be obvious, there’s evidence to suggest the Triquetra was used before the religion was introduced to the island, and might represent older traditional religion and deities. For that reason, it’s also sometimes known as the Druid trinity. It’s thought to represent a range of trinities, such as the middle, beginning, and end of life, as well as the mind, body, and spirit.

The Claddagh ring

While many of the designs featured here can be used in rings, bangles, pendants and more, this one is designed specifically to be worn on the finger. The Irish ring Claddagh is made of a heart, wearing a crown and held by two hands that lead to the rest of the bad. It represents love, loyalty, and friendship and be worn with the crown facing out to represent a heart that seeks (and a wearer that is single), or it can be worn with the crown facing inwards to represent someone that is pledged to another.

The Tree of Life

An intricate design that appears often on rings and in pendants, the Tree of Life is a tree with branches and roots depicted in the Celtic knot style, surrounding the tree in a circle to connect with one another. The Tree of Life is an old Celtic symbol, that represents the forces of nature, as well as the cyclical nature of life, with the connection between the roots and branches thought to symbolise how trees act as a gateway to the spirit world, aka between the living and the dead. As such, the Tree of Life is a design often used for memorial jewellery.
Whether you’re looking to add some meaning to your outfits, choose the perfect accessories, or simply add a little extra variety, the Celtic featured above should help you do just that. There are just a few examples of popular Celtic jewellery styles so if you like what you find here, do keep doing your own digging after, as well.

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