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Organising is Key – Back to School Special

Don’t just have an organised first week. With these tips you can take it through the year!

Here we all are in the thick of the Summer holidays. Which in comparison has been a million miles away from last year and the poop show that was. However, as mums, we are always are preparing for the back to school rush. If you’d rather spend this year bossing it? Then you need these top tips for organising like a mum and smashing the school year ahead.

With these top tips, mornings could be so much easier for the whole family. Meaning you’re out the door in a hot minute and bossing the day by 9am!


As soon as they get through the front door have them change out of their uniforms. They need to fold them and place them in the same place every day. We have a table in our living room that we use but any place that is obvious and convenient for you. Add new pants and socks to the uniform piles and place the shoes with them too. This way you know there is a whole uniform ready and available.

Being ready for school

It also means you have time to spot clean or wash any uniform that may need it. There have been many a moment when you get your darlings ready for school only to notice gravy all over the backside of their clothes!

Organising Bags

As soon as your little munchkins are in the door they need to empty their bag of any and all items. Any reading or homework must be done first. This gives you a minute to go through any other letters or notifications sent home from school.

organising for school

Once their homework is finished it can be popped straight back into their bag. Include their water bottle, snack and pencil case. Basically anything they’ll need for the following day.


Try to meal prep on a Sunday so you have everything you need ready for the week. Did you know you can freeze sandwiches and that they can keep to up to three months in the freezer?

organising lunch

You can then be prepared for the whole week of lunches. Simply, place your sandwiches in the fridge overnight and they’re thawed for the next morning.

Saving you so much time and hassle either the evening before or in the morning.

Organising Mornings

Your mornings should already be getting so much easier. You can’t hear “mum I’ve lost my shoe…and my tie!”. The constant morning reminder that they have homework due THAT day and you’re only hearing about it now. Plus, you have lunch ticked off the list and put next to the already pre-packed backpacks.

organising school mornings

It’s just a case of getting the kids fed and dressed and you’re out the door!

Motivation for the Children

We all know it’s easier said than done for children to simply get dressed and eat breakfast in a timely manner. The biggest motivation I have found is to get breakfast quickly after getting up. Then if they can get their teeth brushed and be dressed ready to go to school.

being ready for school

They may pick something time appropriate to watch. It may be a good idea to have the show or two pre-chosen in advance. It can become a nightmare when they’ve spent too long picking and don’t actually get to watch the show.

There you have 5 great tips on how to ‘Mum’ the school year ahead and be organising like a pro, on time and ready for the whole year ahead. Not just the first few weeks like we usually manage! If you enjoyed this post please to sure to check out my Facebook or any of the social media pages. We have been sharing weekly topics from beauty, lifestyle, parenting and so much more. Thanks for stopping by.

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