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Summer Activities for Kids 2021

Looking for some fab Summer activities? Enjoy time in nature, healthy snacks to make and even DIY craft projects. This posts got it all!

Summer is in full swing and parents everywhere are having to keep the kids busy. Hopefully, these summer activities will help you with a few of the days you’re at a loss. Not forgetting there are lots of rainy day crafts to choose from on Tahnee’s Blog too. Topped with a whole heap of delicious child-friendly recipes for your family to enjoy making. However, here are your summer activities 2021.

Nature Bingo Summer Edition

What would a Tahnee’s Blog list of activities be without a Nature Bingo? This is the Summer edition and is perfect for when you’re out on a walk with the family. Keep the children focused and having fun all at once.

summer activities nature bingo

Fruit Wand – Summer Activities and Snack

These snacks are fantastic for two reasons and the first is they’re a deliciously healthy snack. The second being you can have the children help you make them.

fruit wand kids activities

Using blueberries and watermelon threaded onto a kebab skewer, you can create fruit magic. This is also an amazing dessert for a barbecue with family and friends.

DIY Bird Feeder

DIY bird feeders are such a fantastic craft to make during the summer. Simply take a bottle and decorate the outside however you choose. Cut the bottle in half and cut a large hole in the bottom half. This is for the birds to eat from.

make your own bird feeder

Flip the top half, with the lid, over and tuck it inside the bottom and stick in place. This makes filling your feeder easier. Just tip it in the top and it filters to the bottom. Add a spoon or a stick for the birds to balance on whilst they eat. Make two holes near the neck of the bottle to run string through, so your feeder can hang up.

diy bird feeder kids activity

You can then add your seed or bird nuts and hang them up. Wait for the birdies to come to visit. The children will love looking out for them.

Potato Print Cards is The Summer Activities Top Pick

This is such a simple idea but so much fun for the kids. Potato printing but taking it a step further with some lovely cards.

great summer fun

If last year taught us anything it was being connected mattered. Why not make some of the lovely cards and send them to family and friends?

Summer Car Boot Sale

A car boot sale is a fantastic way to spend a morning. Why not give your little ones a small budget to buy something with? Perhaps you could challenge them to find an activity or game everyone could play? Find a dvd each and have a movie afternoon?

summer activities for kids

This can fill the afternoon for a little while. Buying you at least a few sips on a hot beverage!

The Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer reading challenge is a amazing way to encourage kids to read. Expand their minds and find the joy in reading books. Link it up to an account on the website and your child can enjoy games, book suggestions and more.

Check out your local library to find out more as the execution of the reading challenge this year is different. This is obviously due to the still present threat of covid.

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