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Divorce Is A Sinking Ship: How It Impacts Adults And Children

Separation can be really hard on a family

There are many divorce stories out there. Some people separate happily and amicably, while others part ways with anger and sorrow. Like any other event in life, divorce has its own set of pros and cons. Before seeing a divorce solicitor, be informed about what may happen. This change in your family dynamic impacts children most heavily because they may not fully understand what is happening. Perhaps not even knowing why their parents are splitting up. Adults also experience psychological effects from the divorce. These can be both positive and negative depending on the circumstances surrounding the divorce itself.


One of the most common negative consequences for parents is an increased risk of depression. A parent who was depressed before their breakup is at a higher risk than parents who weren’t. They usually experience worse symptoms in the year following their divorce as well.

Divorce and The impact on adults

Adults may have less time to devote to self-care because they need more help from others. Perhaps they are consumed by stress related to caring for children post-divorce. This can lead to lower levels of life satisfaction and psychological health over time. Then this can also create a financial strain on both adults and children which leads to other problems like debt, job loss, etc.

The impact of Divorce on children

The children of parents who divorce can be impacted for the rest of their lives. Even if parents try to make it as easy on them as possible during and after the event itself. Supportive parents will try to relieve stress by lowering conflict, providing emotional support, staying open about any new partners or relationships with their kids. Not exposing them to domestic violence to protect them from psychological trauma that may happen at home post-divorce. Losing one parent through a marriage breakdown is hard enough. Without feeling abandoned by both parents because one won’t stay involved adequately.

The Impact on Finances

Divorce can be a financial disaster. It’s is important to work out your finances as soon as possible. For your financial future. The expense ranges from lost income due to less time spent at work or career changes. Increased living expenses and additional spending on children’s needs; such as daycare or private school tuition. 

The Impact on Health

If the process during or after the divorce was especially difficult on children, whether it be parental conflict, increased violence, or even infidelity. There’s a good chance that any child living through it will experience some long term effects. This may include trouble at school, arguing more or being more rebellious. When a divorce is hard on the children it can have negative effects. This can become extreme and lead to physical illnesses. Stress hormones release all kinds of chemicals into the bloodstream. One of them being a hormone that suppresses the immune system.

“Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.” – Frederick Buechner

Children will likely suffer psychologically long after their parent’s divorce. Simply because it is hard for any child to feel they are losing a parent. Divorce can affect parents and children in a variety of ways. Understand that there are many parents out there who are doing their best for the sake of their kids.

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