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Summer Pamper for Under £15

The perfect budget beauty, Summer pamper session. Take a little you moment!

Here we are a couple of weeks into the Summer break of 2021 and it’s lovely having the time to stop and relax. Especially that restrictions in the UK have relaxed and we can spend this year with family and friends. More park trips, picnics with grandparents and barbeques with friends will be thoroughly enjoyed. Perhaps you even have a little holiday planned, eeek!

budget beauty

It’s safe to assume we will all be making the most of this year and as wonderful as it sounds, we will be exhausted by the end of it. Why not check out this amazing Summer pamper on a budget. Perfect for making sure you’re getting plenty of relaxation amongst the memory-making antics. Taking you all the way through until Autumn.

Summer Bathing Bliss

Let’s start with the key element of any perfect at-home pamper session and that is your bathing experience. Whether it’s in a bath or shower there are some amazing products to help you unwind, relax and just take that moment for yourself. You can even make your own DIY bath bombs or make your own bath salts. If you don’t have time for that you could try the Lush ‘Sleepy’ bubble bar which is such a gorgeous cloud shape for £5.95.

summer pamper

The amazing psychedelic colours just shouting “Summer Loving!” This bubble bar is, however, packed with lavender helping you to relax to the max. Whilst still bringing beautiful floral scents of those gorgeous warm months. As this is a bubble bar this will last you more than one use and is also available in a shower gel but costs a little more starting at £7. However, you can use the bubble bars in the shower as a wash anyway so it’s up to you what you want to spend.

Hair Mask

Whilst your enjoying your extra luxurious bath or shower why not take extra care of your hair? You can’t deny it always feels nice to give your tresses some extra love. Especially when we’re going out more again and seeing other humans. You always feel more confident when you know your hair looks good so give it a boost.

summer pamper

A hair mask is a great way to give your hair the bit of attention it needs. This coconut hair mask from 7th Heaven is a fab choice. The summery scents of coconut whisking you away to a far off paradise, a girl can fantasise, right? Their one portion sachets are perfect and so affordable. Costing anywhere from about £1 – £2.00 and available in lots of shops both on the high street and online.

Moisture is a Summer Must

We all want that perfect beach body but the truth of the matter is a loved body IS a perfect body! Show your whole body extra love this year with some extra hydration and moisture. Really take the time to do your whole body, that you can reach anyway. Massage it in well and really give yourself a moment to enjoy the relaxation that you, rightly, deserve!

budget beauty

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion is a particular favourite in our house. Whether it’s a Mum moment all the way down to the toddler having dry skin. For around £4.00 it is a great moisturiser that you can take a moment to spoil yourself with.


Who doesn’t love a facemask? It really is one of the best ways to truly pamper yourself. From pollution, SPF, makeup and general dirt, our faces really can take a beating. Then if you’re on holiday by the sea, if it’s extremely hot or you’re having a lot more barbeques. That’s all added more dirt and grime to your face.

budget beauty

After following your makeup removal or skincare routine pop on the stunning Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. Packed full of Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and revitalise your skin and get your skin glowing. This is a personal favourite and can be found in most of the usual places for around £2.00!

Sweets and Treats

Swing by your local shop and grab yourself a little sweet treat. You know they all have their little £1 bargains bags or bars so why not treat yourself? Perfect for a night in front of the telly during Summer 2021 as we’ve got a lot of making up to do for last year on the other nights!

budget beauty

Summer Pamper Total

  • Bubble Bar – £5.95
  • Hair Mask – £2.00
  • Body Moisturiser – £4.00
  • Facemask – £2.00
  • Sweet or Treat – £1.00

Total = £14.95

So, there you have the perfect pamper night on a budget just for you! Perfect for those who are looking to dedicate some extra time to themselves. What’s your favourite little ‘extra’ moment you enjoy? Are you a bubble bath kinda moment or love a facemask? I love facemasks and bath bombs the most as it’s just that little extra minute. A moment to stop and relax. Tag me in your relaxation pics via Facebook or any of the other official social media pages so I can share them. Let’s inspire each other with our top budget beauty pamper moments!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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