buying a car from a dealership

Buying A Car From A Dealership, Why You Should

choosing the right car is so important. For travel, for family and so much more.

Rightly or wrongly, buying a new or second-hand car often brings with it a host of worries. Are you overspending when you shouldn’t be? Are you buying the right vehicle? What if something goes wrong? Buying the right car is essential and can be an expensive purchase, so you can feel the pressure to get it right. You may not be able to eliminate risk when buying your vehicle, but buying a car from a dealership can certainly help reduce that risk and help put your mind at ease. Here are some things to consider when purchasing your new car and why it might be worth spending a little more and purchasing through a car dealership.

Buying from dealers can be easily accessible, provide more choice and offer dealer expertise.

It is not hard to find a car dealership. The days of driving around your local area window shopping at cars are no more. Almost all major car dealers advertise on online and specifically via Auto-Trader. A quick scan will bring up all the cars for sale in a mile radius of your choosing. You can keep your search local or expand it Nationwide to ensure you’re getting the lowest priced vehicle. Just remember, the further you travel to buy your car the further you will have to travel should an unexpected problem arise, and you need to return the vehicle for any reason. 

Perhaps you don’t know what car you want; you just know you want a Volkswagen. Simply type ‘Looking for a Volkswagen dealership near me?’ into Google and ta-da you have a list of VW dealerships at your convenience. What is great about buying from main dealerships like VW is that they will have more choice in the variety of VWs available than private sellers or even established motor traders; they will also have detailed expertise on the vehicles. Dealers specialising in a particular type of vehicle will know all they need to know about that manufacturer and the cars they offer.  If you need a car with built-in back seat TVs so the kids can watch films on long journeys, dealers will be able to point you in the right direction.

buying a car from a dealership
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Buying from car dealerships can provide better protection and peace of mind.

While it is often true that you can purchase a car, at an often better price, through a private sale, this person is likely to be a stranger to you, and once you leave their driveway you are on your own. Buyer beware quite literally applies here. Whereas should you be willing to spend just a little bit more at a dealership, you are buying more than just the car. Buying from a dealership will give you statutory protection. Your consumer rights are stronger when purchasing from a dealer. Should you develop a problem with your vehicle, you may well be entitled to repairs or even a refund, depending on your circumstances. 

Vehicles bought from a dealership often include a warranty which will help reduce any repairs costs should they not be covered by your statutory rights. Newer cars bought will often still have a manufacturer warranty at no extra cost. Moreover, dealerships will commonly inspect vehicles before selling them to ensure that they are safe and reliable. The increase in statutory liability means that not only you want your car to be reliable, but your dealer does too. Despite the often dubious reputation bestowed upon the motor trade, the overwhelming majority of traders do not willingly sell faulty or unreliable vehicles. Any problems ultimately end up back at their doors, and the legal obligation to remedy problems cannot be evaded. So whether buying your next family car or Sunday sports car buying from a dealership can bring you that added peace of mind.

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