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Easter Films for the Family to Enjoy

Yes, Spring is here and the showers will be also. Be sure to have this handy half term Easter films list ready for any of those rainy days

Hello lovelies how are you all? Are you enjoying the beginning of Spring and the sunshine that’s accompanying it? It may have been peppered with rain showers but it’s really revitalising. With the expectation of this wet and windy weather going through until after Easter. April showers and all that. It’s always useful to have a list of movies you can pull out on a rainy day. Today we are sharing an Easter films list you can use during the Spring and Easter period to really make the most of it or buy yourself a minute. Perfect for the half term Easter holidays that the children of the UK are enjoying.

easter films

Must Watch Easter Films – Peter Rabbit

A family favourite and perhaps one from your own childhood? Peter Rabbit is the beautiful, sweet and cheeky creation of Beatrix Potter and his recent reboot has been a huge success. Following on from the very successful tv series Peter Rabbit found himself in a movie starring many loved names.

peter rabbit

With Mr McGregor’s relative now taking care of the garden a battle of strong wills ensues. Peter and his fluffy-tailed friends will go to great lengths for the treats the garden has to offer. Taking you and the whole family along for the journey of adventure and friendships. Available to watch on Netflix as well as pay per view options you can find on google.

A Bugs Life

A Disney Classic is always a good choice and with nature waking up A Bugs Life is a fantastic choice for an Easter films list. Following Hopper the ant who although is a bit of a misfit, he’s a very clever ant. He is on the hunt for warriors. Strong bugs who can defend his colony from the greedy, evil grasshoppers.

Easter films

Will he and the group of bugs he returns with be able to defeat the grasshoppers and free the ants from their tyranny? Or will Hopper run out of clever ideas? With colourful characters and amazing plots, this film will be a pleaser for sure.

Winnie the Pooh – Spring Time With Roo

Perfect if you have very little ones to keep entertained with Easter films is Spring Time With Roo. It follows the always energetic kangaroo, Roo and his Hundred Acre Wood friends.

easter films

It’s Easter and the whole gang head over to Rabbit’s house to what they think is an Easter celebration. Rabbit being organised as ever has other goals and plans. With Spring cleaning top of the list! Will the group of friends get the Easter they were hoping for?

Rise of the Guardians

Great for all the family even if your children are a little older. Still animated but lots of goofy fun to be had with crazy holiday crew.

easter films for the family

Bringing all your holiday favourites together to save the day. Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and Jack Frost must work together to save the children of the world. The Pitch Black threatens it all and this band of misfit holiday icons are here to put a stop to it.

An Easter Films Must – Hop

Is he the Easter Bunny or is he a rock star bunny destined for greatness?

Easter films

Hop follows EB who is a small bunny with a big job. He is soon to become the Easter Bunny like his father did before him. There’s just one problem and that is that EB doesn’t want to be the big bunny on campus. Running away to LA to make his dreams of being a drummer come true. EB has no clue of the trouble stirring back on Easter island and will he make it back in time to save the day?

There you have 5 Easter films for you and the whole family to enjoy. Don’t forget you can always get a little Easter craft session on or just have yourself the most perfect Easter pamper. Just make sure to enjoy and relax during this time. I mean the kids are home and there is no home learning!! Enjoy it!

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