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Nest Cakes for Easter 2021

The perfect Easter recipe, some awesome nest cakes to make and enjoy

With 2021 not getting off to the start we had all hoped for, it’s safe to say we are all looking forward to the smaller things. Such as holidays and especially the ones that we are able to celebrate at home. With lockdown only just starting to lift in the UK we’re looking for any excuse to have extra fun and Easter 2021 is on its way. Easter falls on April 4th this year. Spring is already dawning and the flowers are just raising their sleepy heads and 2021 is not seeming so bad as the year continues. Plus we can have some chocolate nest cakes so it’s on the up and up for sure!

easter 2021

Easter 2021 is for Having Fun and Sweet Treats

Yes, it’s been declared that Easter this year is all about fun with the family and some delicious treats. Get the spoons out and get the egg and spoon races. Why not throw on an Easter movie and not forgetting to enjoy the obligatory roast dinner! What isn’t to love about Easter really?

Do you have any Easter traditions that you love doing? Maybe you decorate eggs with the kids each year? Perhaps you and your partner have a special tradition you share? A special breakfast treat or easter cookies you bake each year? We as a family have many activities we enjoy at Easter but making sweet treats to enjoy are our favourite. We even had a unicorn Easter treat inspired feast in previous years which the kids really enjoyed.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Tahnee’s Blog Facebook page for lots of Easter posts that will be shared over the next few weeks. From cute DIY Easter homeware and decorations. More delicious Easter treats for the family to enjoy and even ways to keep the children entertained this Easter!

Shredded Wheat Nest Cakes for Easter

nest cakes

This year we are sharing a classic in most households and that is some Shredded Wheat Easter cakes. An awesome treat for the Easter holiday and also simple to make. This is also a great activity to get the kids involved in if they’re wanting to join in.

What You’ll Need for Your Nest Cakes

This Recipe will make 12 nests.

  • 200g of milk chocolate,
  • 85g about 4 Shredded Wheat,
  • Two bags of Mini eggs,
  • Cupcakes cases,


  1. Get water barely simmering in a pan. Don’t boil it as this may become to hot for the chocolate.
  2. Melt your chocolate in a small bowl making sure that bowl isn’t touching the water.
  3. Next crumble your Shredded Wheat into the melted chocolate and mix really well.
  4. Divide your mix between the 12 cases.
  5. Add a few of your mini eggs to the top.
nest cakes

Finally let them sit in the fridge for at least 10 minutes to harden but eat one immediately to make sure that they taste ok, obviously. You can even add a small chick if you wanted to for decoration.

Are you looking forward to Easter this year? Do you go all out and decorate or do you just enjoy the day quietly? We will be hot cross bunning for breakfast. Egg and spoon races, egg hunts, crafts and dinner, chocolate eggs galore and movies! We love Easter!

I hope whatever you do I hope you have a lovely time. If you’re not able to spend it with the people closest to this year be sure to treat yourself. Maybe with a gorgeous Easter pamper, you can do at home inspired by all things Easter and indulgence? I hope you enjoy the recipe.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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