mother's day gift guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Need that perfect gift for Mother’s day? Then you need this Mother’s day gift guide as it has everything for your Mum this Mothering Sunday

Mother’s day is on Sunday 14th March in the Uk this year, for all those who need it. That means you only have a couple of weeks to make sure your mum has a fab gift from you. With going out being under restriction we have put together an amazing Mother’s day gift guide to help you pick the best gifts for your mums.

mother's day gift guide

Lush Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A few years ago you may have seen a post here about the amazing Lush Mother’s Day collections that are available. Why not give her the gift of rest and relaxation. Encourage her to enjoy a quiet moment to herself. During these lockdown moments, this can make all the difference. She will be so grateful for this thoughtful gift it’s perfect.

This year is no different on the Lush front and they have lots of gorgeous treats to pick from. With so many gift sets available there is no need for mum to be disappointed. Here are the top picks from the Lush 2021 collection. Below is the ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ gift set. There ‘Mother of Pearl’ bath bomb and finally the stunning purple ‘Goddess’ bath bomb.

DIY Salt Dough

Do you prefer a homemade gift from your little ones? Then why not get creative and make some salt dough? Perfect for making some gifts no matter the occasion. Simple to make and great fun for the kids to keep them busy. The recipe is as follows.

  • 1 cup of plain flour
  • 2 cups of Salt
  • 3/4 of a cup of water

Mix this and your ready to make your stunning gifts. You can dry them out on the lowest heat in your oven or you can allow them to air dry but this can take a while. Paint and seal with PVA glue and there done. The perfect gift for sharing as well so defo had to make this Mother’s day gift guide.

Budget Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With so many people having been furloughed this past year or sadly even not have work to return to. We understand that a few budget gift ideas can go a long way. Poundland is always a winner on this front with cups, keyrings, chocolates and more you can still spoil your mum on a budget.

The top picks from Poundland are their Mother’s day ‘Little Monster’ cup which is so cute. A box of milk tray for £1 get in our faces and finally the essential cuddly toy.

Personalised Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Do you love to get a little personal with your gifts? Then Queenies Creations will be perfect for you.

With so many personalised gifts to choose from including these special Mother’s day selection Mum will be thrilled. Are you a Queen of Mums or a puzzle piece kinda gal??


With lockdown still very much happening in the UK flowers by delivery are a great option. Don’t let Mum miss out this Mother’s day so we are adding flowers to the Mother’s day gift guide. Is it one without them?

Not only do they have bouquets for every occasion they have some stunning Mother’s day selections for you to choose from. Rose’s, peonies and everything in between. Mum will love this delivered to her door. Be sure to check delivery times and days to make sure they arrive on time.


I Want One Of Those has become a clear favourite for quirky and original gift ideas. Perfect for a Mother’s day gift guide if you have an alternative mum or want something a little different.

Why not name a star after the brightest light in your life? Or help her feel fab with a cute Hollywood style mirror? Cups and mugs to hot water bottles, there is so much available you will be spoilt for choice.


A gorgeous jewellery selection for Mother’s day? It wouldn’t be a Mother’s day gift guide without it!

Escott is a stunning collection of handmade jewellery using precious stones. Made locally to me by two wonderful sisters these trinkets are sure to delight any mother. Rings, earrings and more there is no doubt you can get Mum a gift she will adore at really affordable prices. You can find them on shop Escott for all there gorgeous creations.


Not on The High Street is another “outside the box” gift shop you can shop online. It also has its own Mother’s day department to shop which is full of so many unusual gift idea.

Their focus on first Mother’s Day is super cute and perfect if you are celebrating your first Mother’s day. I also really liked the “wish I could be with you bracelet. Ideal if you’re unable to be with your Mum due to lockdown.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Most importantly for Mother’s day this year is to contact your mum. Yes call her, facetime or even a little message. We’ve learnt over this past year that the ones we love are so important and parenting is hard! Mums deserve the best Mother’s day yet! What are you planning for mum? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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