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Parenthood – 5 Truths About Raising Boys

Raising boys can be …. crazy! Find out some truth about parenthood and raising 3 boys

If the lockdowns from 2020 until now have taught us anything it’s that extra time with the family is a blessing. Especially when everything is so unsettled in the world around us but does not include home learning by any stretch. However, a lot of people are really recognising the joys of parenthood in the last year. Even when some of us have decade of parenting under our belts.

Parenthood is Amazing


Is there anything better than hearing your favourite little voices say “I love you”? Children always have such an abundance of love to give and aren’t afraid to share it with anyone. Their parents being at the front of that list and their place of safety and protection.

Home learning is allowing us to watch our children learn up close and personal. Helping us to know more about the way they learn and how we as parents can advance that.

Watching them grow every day and find new hobbies, interests and activities. It’s exciting helping to mould these adults of the future. From being kind and thoughtful. To be as accepting and loving as they were as children and take that through to adulthood. To work hard and have fun because life is a balance.

Parenthood is full of lots of blessings and most parents know how lucky we are to be at the helm of turning our children into active, productive members of society.

Except When It’s Not


That’s not to take away from the difficult days of parenthood and there will be plenty. The days they purposely ignore you, answer back and fight. The days you ask them to not make a mess in their room just while you do other rooms in the house. Then when you go check them you’ll find they “didn’t make that much mess”.

The days that you cook a meal you didn’t want to cook but you’re the mum, so. Then your little darling LICKS it and is like “Nah I don’t like it” and your left reeling as they ate it last week just fine.

The days when your child who is perhaps on the spectrum or going through life changes that are hard. Kicks you and cries and screams at you. Is fussy all day and you’re not sure how to help or calm them.

The days when your not well but the world doesn’t stop. You heave yourself out of bed and start the usual routines. All while feeling run down to the ground. Yes, there are some really hard days for sure.

Five Parenthood Truths About Raising Boys

With having extra time home with all three boys, I couldn’t help but stop and think about the fact that I am a boy mum. What that means and how it affects our day to day lives. With that in mind, I’m sharing 5 truths about raising boys. Perhaps this is something your familiar with?

They Are Filthy Creatures

The stereotype that fits my boys down to the ground and reminds me of the classic rhyme “Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails”. They are always filthy or doing gross things. Farts, burps and just general grossness.

Why is so hard to keep your body clean? They told 100x to go wash their hands and twenty minutes later they filthy again. Every time they’re showering they asking “do I need to wash this?” “do I need to wash that?”. Dude, it isn’t hard. You get in a shower and wash from head to toe get out and dry. Yes, you need to wash all of your body. I mean Ewww!

Playing outside is no better. You let them out and it’s a nice day. They still come in caked in wet mud. Like, where did the wet mud even come from? Oh, you dug a hole in the garden and made it! Great, thanks for that.

Overall boys are a little bit grubby still and that’s not to say there aren’t lovely daughters out there who are gross in their own right! Boys, however, care a lot less than girls in my experience.

Sexism in Clothes is Real

little boy sitting on doorstep

If you’re a parent of boys you will already know the struggle and it’s something I’ve posted about on my Facebook before. You stroll past the four, five, six racks of girls clothes to find one shelf for the boys. It’s is infuriating and sexism on such a blatant level.

None of the sizes you need will be there as the clothes they have will only have one or two sizes in store. Shoes are the same and coats if were being honest. If you ask the staff they’ll just say to order online where possible but that’s it.

Never make the mistake of thinking you can buy all your boys clothes from one shop! You WILL have to make several trips to various shops to kit your little lads out.

My advice is order online as there is so much more variety and choice. The sizes you want are more readily available and if you need a different store, it’s a click away. The British High street really needs to sort this problem out especially in a world where everyone likes to be stylish. Even if it just for the sake of mum’s sanity #StopHighStreetSexism.

Tech is the Be All and End All


Your life will be immersed into all things tech-related so if you are not savvy yet, get prepared. They are obsessed with it whether it’s whinging and fighting to play on it all day. Asking you to buy them new bits of it. Tech is coming!

The world is so entrenched in technology and that includes me pouring over my laptop right now. Whilst the kids eat breakfast and watch cartoons before home learning. This involves using both the laptop and phone to access the educational tools they need.

The latest console is always on the Christmas list and they are by no means cheap or affordably priced. Then there’s the headphones and all the added extras.

Again, not to say that girls don’t love tech but boys seem obsessed with it more. Nothing can make them happy ONLY the piece of tech you’re telling they have to wait for. Tech is life!

Parenthood, Raising Boys is Hard


This isn’t as applicable when they’re little, but we have a ten-year-old in the house. He’s on the cusp of his teenage years and I’m worried about my parenting. There are so many ways to raise boys and you can question every choice.

Will he turn his Dad more than me once he starts becoming a man? It would make sense that boys may want to ask Dad more private questions as they age. Will I still have value in my son’s life?

What happens when he gets married? Will he still come for Christmas once in a while? I know once he would have his own family he has to put them first but it frightens me. It scares me how I will have to let go at one point and not grab hold again.

I worry due to our different genders that I can’t give them all the advice they may need as grown men. They will need more tailored advice that I don’t have because I a female. Do you worry about crazy stuff like this? What your relationship with your grown son will look like? Is it just me?

Baby Boys Steal Your Heart

person s hand forming heart

Apart from being a little gross and rough around the edges, boys are such sensitive creatures. Have you ever been smacked in the face, kissed and told you’re loved in the same breath? If you answered no you have no boys!

They way they hug you is special and the way they wrap their little arms around you. It will make you forgive any shortcomings or cheekiness in a heartbeat.

They see the world through such simple eyes and don’t tend to analyse as much as their female counterparts. This gives them wonderful, simple truths about the world. They are not one to hide these thoughts and aren’t afraid to see the world for what it is.

The Truth Is

Raising boys can be hard work but, heck, so can raising girls. They are sweet, disgusting and adventurous all in one big ball of love. At times it will be harder than others. You’ll question whether you’re cut out for your parenthood journey but you’ll do amazing. Your boys will show you how through there simple truths. Parenthood is a rollercoaster from the start but us Mum’s wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you have boys? What is your boy mum, parenthood truth? Let us know in the comments or if you have a parenting truth for raising girls! Would love to see how the other half live!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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