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Lockdown Date Night – A Mysterious Night In

Are you running out of lockdown date night ideas? Love a good puzzle solving? Come and find some brilliant at home date night ideas.

So many things have changed due to lockdown and date nights are no exception to the rule. What used to be dinner dates and the movies is now a takeaway and Netflix crime documentary. Which in fairness is a good night if you ask me! Night clubs, live music and shows all having to close their doors. We are all feeling the strain of not being able to go out and enjoy time with our other halves. Could this lockdown mystery date night be just what you need?

lockdown date night

Date Night Blues

We are missing the days of getting dressed up, looking nice and enjoying a nice restaurant with your partner? Perhaps you were really active and enjoy sports or outdoor activities? Whatever your date night choices were the ‘dates at home’ ideas may be running few and far between. What with the UK on its third lockdown. If you have kids and have to do date nights at home anyway this would be a great new addition to the mix.

Shake-Up Lockdown Date Night

lockdown date night ideas

For Christmas, I bought the husband a mystery that was sent straight to him in the post via a great company called Puzzle Post. It is not an ad or a sponsor just something we would both enjoy together. Puzzle Post specialise in these at home mystery adventures that are fun, interesting and at times, hard to solve. They have three adventures to choose from and each has its own unique story to follow and solve. Varying in degrees of difficulty each puzzle is a great date night choice.

The Missed Flight

The first one we tried to solve was the curious case of journalist Lucy who has had to go into hiding. This was the Christmas gift for my husband. We had to discover a secret code that would unlock the virtual vault. It was immediately immersive and suspenseful as we began to determine where to start.

lockdown date night

Reading carefully and being observant we were able to determine what order the clues went in and we started to build our story. The clues for this puzzle were so iconographic to the mystery genre. With strange napkins to riddled business cards. There were also some moments you really have to think outside of the box.

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Once you have solved the code you can put into the online vault and discover the secret message. It was that good, that the second we were done we immediately ordered the other 2 mysteries.

The Secret Service

Once the second and third mysteries had arrived we decided to start with The Secret Service story. Helping the Spy Chief crack a code to hard for his top spies. This particular mystery is aimed towards children more so than adults and they would love it.

lockdown date night ideas 2021

Using spot the difference, secret maps and codes you can help solve the mystery. The Secret Service is fun and perfect for children who enjoy a good problem-solving exercise. Gamers would also enjoy this real-life adventure.

The Dupe

The last mystery we tried was The Dupe and the one we found the hardest of all three. Starting with nothing but your map you must decipher the code and help out an art dealer.

at home date night ideas

An art deal has gone wrong and he needs your help to solve the problem he faces. Using nothing except what he was able to find in his office. Alvar has left a sleuth of clues including email exchanges with dubious tones. Invitations to fun happening art mixers and even a creepy Polaroid.

date night ideas 2021

This mystery was really hard to solve. It took most of our combined and different thought processes to solve this last puzzle. We also ended up needing to use a hint on this puzzle too.

Extra Information

Yes, there are hints you can use and also a webpage where you can check your code. Find out the ones you got right and work on the ones that aren’t.

When you order you can personalise the message you find in the vault. For the hubby, it was a Christmas message as it was a Christmas gift. You can add whatever you want. Maybe a sweet message for your at-home date?

Do you and your partner love to solve a good mystery? Perhaps you’ve tried an escape room and loved it? This would be perfect for you and your next lockdown date night. If you give it go be sure to tag me in any pics on my social media. I’d love to see it if you give it a go.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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