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Coronavirus, Chaos and Masks, It’s 2020

What a year 2020 has been!

Before we talk Coronavirus or world news. Let’s stop and pause for one second. Did you have a good Christmas? I hope you did and were really able to make the most of it. You deserve it!


Where do we start with 2020 though? What an emotional, sometimes worrying, sometimes touching and amazing year it has been, From the elephant in the room, Coronavirus. To seeing amazing things such as the claps and fundraising for NHS here in the UK.


Let’s get it out the way and out in the open that Coronavirus has been a bitch. Let’s hope we can make some progress in 2021. The lockdown started in March in the UK and throwing it back to homeschooling. We all gained a newfound respect for teachers this year that’s for sure.

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Many, many people have lost their lives or loved ones to this illness. Our hearts and love go out to each and every one of you. 2020 must have been so hard for you and I wish there was more that could be done to ease your pain and suffering.

Having to socially distance has become a learning curve and is still heartbreaking. Especially around the festive time with all the celebrations and fun, we should be having.


Masks and the moaners were a whole thing. It still shocks me to think that a full-grown adult. Supposedly of sound mind complained about having to wear a small piece of cloth on their faces. In order to protect others just making it more immature.

Toilet roll! Why on earth did so many people start hoarding toilet roll? I mean how many poops are these people taking? However when you consider how many cans of beans that were hoarded the math starts to add up.

Other News

Yes, other stuff besides Coronavirus happened this year even if this year a bit of a blur. In more sad news though we lost amongst already so many, some amazing talents this year. Kobe Bryant and his young Daughter affectionately known as Gigi. Were both sadly killed in a terrible helicopter accident. Chadwick Boseman lost his secret but long term battle with cancer. Seeing the actor immortalised in the Marvel Universe. Rock star and Legend Eddie Van Halen also lost his battle with cancer this year.


A death that would lead to protest, riots and a worldwide call for change. George Floyd died whilst being apprehended by police officers in Minneapolis, America. Sparking outrage across the world and shining a light on so many similar and disturbing cases. The Black Lives Matter decentralized political and social movement was born. Seeking equality and justice for all black people and communities.


It certainly made us all a lot more aware of the problems faced by black communities. Encouraging everyone to ask more questions and demand more answers. Shining a huge light on black creators, authors, designers, artist and more. It is still making strides today and you can find out all the information via their website blacklivesmatter.

Coronavirus Can’t Stop Me

2020 for me personally has been a rollercoaster of ride with so much going on. I too obviously had to homeschool my two boys from March until they broke up for the Summer. It was so hard. From being able to instruct and help each child when they needed. To making sure they were actually doing it. Having to keep the house up together and contending with a little one. It was hard.

We did however get 6 months of family time together which really was a blessing. They are small for such a short time it was nice to enjoy time as a family without the restrictions of a weekly schedule.

I finally got married after nearly 16 years together on the very first day the restrictions were lifted. We had booked this date a year previously and fate was clearly on our side. Our guest list was also very small and intimate which was how we planned it anyway. We then had a socially distanced barbecue in our garden. We set up a marquee with tables, chairs and some modest decorations.

It was stressful as we didn’t have long to actually finalise the plans as we only received confirmation about a week before but we knocked it out the park. You can read all the ins and outs in my wedding post.

Here’s Looking to 2021

Everyone is hoping that 2021 is a lot better than what we overall had going on this year. We want to visit all our family and friends. Hug them and enjoy our time together once again. Hopefully with the vaccine already being given in the UK we won’t have to wait much longer.

It seems like we lost a year somehow? Like it just merged into the Pandemic of Coronavirus and blurred. I really hope that 2021 is better for us all as we all deserve it. What’s your best memory of 2020? Let me know in the comments below so we can go into 2021 with positive vibes.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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