Whitehall Garden Centre Christmas Display

Do you love festive family days out? Our favourite place is Whitehall Garden Centre and you can see why!

We all have our own Christmas traditions that we love to have. Millions of people flock to see Santa annually. This year is a little different of course and I’m sorry if the recent Christmas decisions have impacted you negatively. Perhaps you and your family would usually love to go and watch your towns Christmas light being switched on. Do you buy a new ornament for the Christmas tree each year? Are you a Whitehall Garden Centre visitor or love to visit a Christmas display? Whatever your traditions are they are a great way to celebrate the holiday period. The family all look forward to it and it gets everyone feeling festive.

Whitehall garden centre

Whitehall Garden Centre

We annually take a trip to Whitehall Garden Centre which sounds strange I know but hear me out. Earlier this year we went to visit when restrictions were lifted. If you have been then you know at Christmas it is transformed into a magical Christmas land. It usually has an ice skating rink set up. We have enjoyed many a year ice skating however in the past couple it has been so busy we haven’t wanted to skate with young children. Again, 2020 has meant that this hasn’t been available but fingers crossed for next year.

Whiitehall garden centre ice rink

They also have a cafe attached to the ice rink that serves delicious hot chocolate and usually a turkey roll or delicious cakes. We always stop for a hot chocolate after ice skating and enjoy a sweet treat. Warms you right up!


They usually have an awesome Santa that you can visit in his grotto and he’ll read a story. My boys have enjoyed this a couple of times over the years. Next year I will be sure to book it again as my youngest won’t be allowed to meet a Santa this year.

Whitehall garden centre

They can then go to Santa’s workshop and an elf will help all the children pick out a gift. They have a great selection toys and crafts to pick from and the kids love getting to pick a toy. It’s literally like being a child in a toy shop but it’s Santa’s!

Christmas Animals

They also have a number of Christmas animals that you can visit and say hello to. They usually have two of Santa’s reindeers that are relaxing after a long flight from the North pole. Some donkeys and also some sheep.

Whitehall garden centre

The Displays at Whitehall Garden Centre

If you live anywhere near a Whitehall Garden Centre then you already know how amazing their displays are. We always visit their centre in Lacock and are blown away every year. This year was storybook themed displays and it didn’t disappoint.

They also have a gorgeous Christmas Village that they rearrange each year but is just as magical each time. Plus a huge variety of Christmas decorations and inspo galore.

This is by far our favourite tradition and we try to visit Whitehall Garden Centre every year. It’s always such a fun, festive day out for the whole family. What is your tradition that the whole family enjoy? Let me know in the comments below or underneath the link of this post on my Facebook or Twitter. Hope to see you over on my pages.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

2 thoughts on “Whitehall Garden Centre Christmas Display

  1. When does the Christmas display/village end please? It looks magical and hope we can still visit!

    1. Hi Ingrid it usually on until January bt not sure what date they’ll take them down. You can always check via their Facebook page. There is still time to visit so don’t miss out. It really is so lovely x

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