3 Sure-Fire Ways to Shift the Pounds

Health is Wealth and Happiness

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Forget about faddy diets and detoxes in an effort to lose weight. These regimes do nothing but make you miserable. Yes, you may lose a couple of pounds a day for a week, but this soon goes back on once you decide to eat like a normal human being again. You don’t want to lose weight at the expense of your sanity and enduring low moods. Instead, you need to embrace a wholly different lifestyle in an effort to lose weight well, keep it off, and maintain a sound level of fitness. Take a look at these three sure fire ways to shift the pounds.


You can’t lose weight without ensuring that you are in some sort of calorie deficit every day. Rather than banning every unhealthy food that you adore and going cold turkey, simply eat a more balanced diet. This may be easier said than done but it is a simple edict that all successful dieters follow. If you are gorging on three chocolate bars a day, limit yourself to one a day on Saturday and Sunday only. This would see you remove nineteen chocolate bars a week from your diet. This alone would see a significant reduction in your waistline. Couple this balanced approach to eating with more nutritious meals. Consider eating more fruit and vegetables and swapping refined carbs for whole grains. You really are what you eat so bake instead of fry and steam instead of boiling to retain the antioxidants in your food.


Many people assume that they need to head to the gym to lose weight. While you can head to a spin class in an effort to shift the pounds, you can use less sophisticated methods. Think about whipping on your training kit and joining a local sports team for fun. Netball, volleyball and ladies soccer are all great ways to keep fit while having fun at the same time. By adding a social element to your exercise plan, you are more likely to stick to a fitness routine. Exercising should be enjoyable. If it becomes a slog, you are less likely to do it. Keep your routine fresh and exciting by changing up your exercises. One day you could partake in some cycling, do a spot of yoga the next, and enjoy a jog the day after.

Get Outdoors

Being cooped up indoors all day is not easy. You can quickly suffer from low mood, feel isolated and develop anxiety. This could induce a binge eating session. To eliminate this risk, you need to consider getting outdoors more often. Being in the fresh air and being surrounded by nature will help you to feel healthier and more confident. Get outdoors and walk to the park, jog around the block, and cycle to pick up your groceries. Being outside allows your body’s immune system to be boosted because you are absorbing more Vitamin D into your bloodstream. You’ll also enjoy the better regulation of your circadian rhythm meaning you will sleep better at night. A more alert you can lead to a lighter and healthier you as you won’t feel as hungry during the day.

Losing weight is difficult, but follow this guide and you can shift the pounds without succumbing to the faddiest of diets.

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