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Christmas 2020 and How to Make The Most of It

Make the most of Christmas 2020 with this helpful ideas list. From recipes to craft ideas you won’t want to miss it

Beautiful people how are you all? Are you beginning to feel festive yet and maybe put your decorations up? Well, then today’s post will be a perfect addition to your Christmas 2020 vibes. Let’s take a look at a few ways to make the most of Christmas 2020.

christmas 2020

Christmas Themed Breakfast

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Dippy eggs with pigs in blankets for dipping! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This idea came from Pinterest and I loved it so much my husband bought me christmas egg cups to make my dreams come true! If this isn’t a win for Christmas 2020 what is?

Santa or snowman pancakes are another win! Such a simple breakfast idea but the little ones love it! Get everyone in that festive spirit.

Christmas 2020 Light Switch-on

With so many public light displays canceled for Christmas 2020 why not go the extra mile yourself and make more of an event of your own. Whether it’s just lighting up the tree or the whole house. Get a hot beverage and get your countdown on. We bought a snowflake projector from Amazon to project on the outside and some left over walls of fairy lights.

Make DIY Christmas Decorations

christmas 2020

Salt dough is a very easy and fun way to make your own decorations for Christmas 2020. Whether you want to make gifts for family and friends or decorations for your own home. Get everyone involved and enjoy a bit of Christmas crafts. We made gingerbread men chains in the past that we still have to this day! Click the link above to see them.

Bake Treats for Santa

christmas 2020

Baking is not only a great way to enjoy some quality family time the results are delicious treats. Christmas is such a nice time to bake as you know Santa is coming soon. Why not try this simple cornflake wreath cakes recipe or even one for soft fresh gingerbread. Do you bake at Christmas? What is your favourite thing to bake? Mine would be cookies if I had to pick but love all sweet treats!

Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

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With so many to choose from you could sit and enjoy a movie marathon with a blanket. Just in case your mind has gone blank here are 5 great Christmas films the whole family can enjoy.

  • The Christmas Chronicles
  • Arthur Christmas
  • The Santa Clause
  • A Nightmare before Christmas
  • A Muppets Christmas Carol

Give a Gift for Christmas 2020

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Whether you make or buy a small gift for a neighbour or even stranger it will certainly make their day. Perhaps buy a coffee gift card for the homeless person you see on a regular basis or check out these ways to give. Give your old blankets and towels to animal shelters. Just give what you can to who you can because it is true. It’s the thought that really counts and Christmas 2020 we need all those feels. There are so many amazing easy Christmas projects to enjoy.

Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Bombs

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Such a simple idea and so easy to achieve. Hot Chocolate bombs have been a recurring trend from last year really. They look amazing when they pop open and taste divine thanks to the real chocolate addition. Some even have marshmallows inside! If you want a full run through of how to make these for yourself or others, you should try our ADD LINK

Make a Christmas Eve Box

Are Christmas eve boxes already a tradition in your house? They have been very popular in our house for the past few years. The idea is you take a box and fill it with items, toys, crafts, food, pyjamas, books or anything that you like. On Christmas eve your children open it and get to enjoy all the contents. This may verge on the realm of excess at Christmas but it is a parent sanity saver. Ours is delivered by a new elf each year and it usually contains the following just to give you an idea.

  • Colouring book and pencils
  • hot chocolate sachets
  • A Christmas book
  • Three crafts from the £1 shop
  • Christmas DVD
  • chocolate coins
  • Christmas Bath Bomb

This buys me most of Christmas eve to finish what’s needed. It also helps the children to remain a little calmer as it is so exciting for them. Then after the baths, it’s a hot chocolate and then off to bed with a DVD. They love it and if you don’t do it yet give it a go for Christmas 2020!

For Christmas 2020 Bring Back Board Games

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Crimbo Limbo (the week between Christmas and New Year) is a fab time to crack out a board game! Whether it’s a new one you’ve never played before or one that you have a thousand times. Board games should be everyone’s Christmas go to. Alternatively there are great games like charades and pictionary style games you can also enjoy. Did you play games as a family at Christmas when you were younger.

Read “A Visit From St. Nicholas”

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Twas the night before Christmas…..and we decided to sit down and read a classic Christmas poem. Light the fire or load one up on youtube, it’s a thing, and get reading. Enjoy the classic by Clement Clarke Moore over the festive period!

There you have quite a few ways to make the most Christmas 2020 even if the rest of the year has been far from usual. There are even online events to join in with. Why not check out these amazing blogmas ideas, you don’t need to be a bloggger to join in. Let’s hope that 2021 has better in store for everyone. Until then we have Christmas to contend so may as well make the most of it!

Not forgetting those who will be suffering loneliness during the holidays and may have no family to share it with. Be sure to reach out to friends and check in on neighbours you know can’t get out much. Even if it’s just a shout from the window or a Christmas card.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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