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Winter Bucket List for 2020

Well 2020 has been one heck of year for everyone, globally. I know we’ll all be pleased to see the back of it but 2021 feels just as uncertain, right? Why not make the most

Well 2020 has been one heck of year for everyone, globally. I know we’ll all be pleased to see the back of it but 2021 feels just as uncertain, right? Why not make the most of what is left of this year with an awesome Winter bucket list for 2020? Even if you only forget the world outside for a little while sometimes that’s all you need.

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The UK was in lockdown from March until July and now we are experiencing a second one until at least the start of December. It can be hard to keep yourself busy and focused for such long periods of time. Especially when we’re out of our normal daily routines.

Blanket Movie Day

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Is there anything more perfect than keeping the curtains closed on a rainy winter day? Light the candles and turn the fairy lights on to add to the cosy Winter vibes. Grab your blankets and snuggle up to enjoy some great films or tv series?

With so many choices of streaming services available there is such a wide range of viewing available right from your front room. With lots of streaming services adding blockbuster films for rental, you can even have your own cinema events at home. If you are still having problems deciding you can also check out this great Winter watch list.

Rainy Walks for the Winter Bucket List 2020 Win

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As grownups we can easily forget the simple pleasures life can bring. With the pandemic of this year and all the limitations and stress this has brought. It has taught us all how to enjoy the simple things we have in our life.

Why not add a rainy walk to your bucket list. Wrap up and grab the dog for a waltz in the rain. Get the children their wellington boots and rain coats and let them go crazy! Clothes can be washed and warm baths are perfect to warm back up. Throw in a hot chocolate and your set! Who else loves rainy Winter days?

Winter Crafts

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Crafts are the perfect way to spend a day at home during Winter. Whether you want to make your own salt dough Christmas decorations for your own home or as a gift. Maybe DIY bath bombs are more you thing? Perhaps something to keep the children busy?

Get the paper out and make seasonal bunting or just colour and draw. Check out Pinterest for some great toilet roll tube creations. Make art sculptures from bits of recycling. A great way to stay busy and entertained while not having to leave the house.

Get Reorganised With Your Winter Bucket List

Winter bucket list

With a new year on its way and such a crappy one being left behind it’s a great time to tidy. Declutter and reorganise a room in your home. Have you been dying to get that crap cupboard sorted? We all have them and now is the time to get it gone.

Maybe even give the whole house a sort through. Start your new year on a new fresh step and a new organise abode? We always end the year with a big clear out. Ready to put up Christmas decorations and to make room for new gifts and toys. Do you do a Winter clear out? Do you find Christmas is easier when you’ve had a good tidy before hand?

Winter Bingo Walk

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Bingo walks are always on our bucket lists for the children. Make yourself a list of lost of Winter and nature objects. Then when you’re taking the kids on a walk you can keep them focused on the bingo game.

They love running around and finding all the different leaves or bugs on the list. You can also tailor the bingo to your own walks and possible landmarks in your area. You could also a pre-made list if you want. This one is easy to screenshot or save to your phone.

Hot Chocolate Station is a Winter Bucket List 2020 Must

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This slow cooker this recipe is the perfect hot chocolate. Especially after your rainy day walk whilst playing Winter bingo. This recipe is straightforward to make, as well.

  • Add 1l of milk or milk equivalent and 300ml of double cream to your slow cooker pot.
  • 300g of any chocolate of your choosing and add that to the pot.
  • Cook this for 2 hours on low in the slow cooker stirring twice during cooking time.

Set up some bowls with marshmallows and various other hot chocolate toppings. Don’t forget the cream whether hand whipped or canned. Then everyone can helps themselves to gorgeous, fresh home made hot chocolate. Like I said the perfect addition to any Winter bucket list.

Bake Delicious Treats

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Is there anything better than being all cosy and warm indoors and smelling sweet treats cooking in the oven? Why not add baking to your Winter bucket list? Whether it’s a simple biscuit recipe or some tasty fairy cakes.

Get busy and get everyone involved. Then once your done you can get your Winter watch list out to pick a film. Enjoying your slow cooked hot chocolate as well! That sounds like a Winter win to me!

Have your own Christmas Light Switch On

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With everything in the UK on lockdown until early December and most Christmas events cancelled it can feel a little disheartening. You can turn this around at home on your own.

Why not add a few extra Christmas decorations up this year. Perhaps your planning on putting them up early. Why not put some hot chocolates on or some mulled wine for Mum! Make your own event a little more this year. We could all use the extra merriment this year.

Deliver Gifts to Family, Friends and Neighbours

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Lockdown in the UK is predicted to be lifted slightly by early December. Using the above craft and baking ideas why not make extra. You can then deliver these to friends, neighbours or relatives.

Give back to other with your Winter bucket list. Especially this year when we have seen such amazing community spirit. Why not give back where you can and share a little bit of the spirit of good will to all men to good use!

Donate to the Homeless

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Always a worthy cause but especially important during the winter months. Even if it’s just a pair of gloves or socks. Any items that you longer use but can go a long way such as backpacks or shoes. Sleeping bags and even toiletries are all essential.

This year has been so hard on us all and I can’t imagine how awful it has been for the homeless communities across the country. Help out where you can and if you can. Please find this link with various way to donate and help here all with up to date covid rules and regulations.

There are 10 items to add to your Winter bucket list for 2020 that you can achieve and be adhering to social distancing rules. If this isn’t enough for you there are lots of Christmas bucket lists for you to try.

Winter is such a great time of year and you really can still make the most of it! What is on your Winter bucket list this year? Many people are getting their Crimbo decorations up early. I will 100% be having a hot chocolate station and a few movie days in the warm. Let me know your pick in the comments below.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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