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Binge Watch Winter List

Looking for some great shows or films to binge watch this Winter? We got you covered

The cold weather is drawing near and the evenings are getting darker faster. It’s everyone’s favourite time of year where we snuggle in the warm with hot chocolates and movies. Candles and sparkly lights keeping us extra cosy and warm. Not to mention buying new loungewear to relax in. I for one can not wait so I am sharing 10 great shows and films to binge watch this Winter season.

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I know this year has been tough for everyone and we deserve this time to just stop and relax. Even with Christmas on the horizon, it’s a great time to plop down on the sofa, tea in hand. Flick on a great movie and forget the world for an hour!

Netflix Picks for Your Winter Binge Watch

The OA

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THIS SERIES!! Seriously! Where do you start? An American mystery, sci-fi and frankly stunningly executed series only spans for 2 seasons. It is not currently confirmed for a third either. Do not let that put you off from opening your heart and mind to Prairie and her incredible story.

Once growing up in the harsh colds of Russia we follow her through a tragic accident that makes her blind. Travelling to America and becoming adopted by her parents. To eventually running away from home and abruptly returning 7 years later but able to see? Becoming the OA. What happened to her and others in those 7 years is unbelievable to most. So she creates her own group of friends to share her tale with.

The interwoven lives and stories of these characters will defy the odds of friendship, science and so much more. It really is an emotional rollercoaster of love, fear, excitement and questions. You will not be disappointed.

Once Upon A Time

This programme has now come to finish but really does tell a fantastic story you thought you knew. This also spans for 7 seasons so some series binge watch material.

We follow the residents of a small town with a big secret. Everyone who lives in Storybrooke is a character from all your favourite fairy tales. Forget what you know however as the twist and turns will have you double, nay, triple guessing yourself and the characters.

Emma Swan is brought home to her family and the son she gave up for adoption but that is only the start. She will learn to love, fight and give everything she has to save the town and its residents. Be that Little Red, Snow White or even the Evil Queen!

Taking our once known and comfortable fairy tales and giving them a new twist. It leaves you hanging and wanting more of it’s crazy revelations and rich characters. With so many familiar faces this is one for the watch list!


This is an oldie but a classic retelling of the story of Arthur and Merlin. This programme is 5 series long so again a great watch with great stories and characters.

We follow a young Merlin as he discovers his powers and also as he develops his relationship with Arthur. Having to dodge the dangerous and magic hating Uther Pendragon. Making magical friends and enemies along the way. Becoming a Dragon Lord?

This series really does have it all and does so with fun and whimsy. It really is a great watch for the whole family.

Disney Movies are a Must for Your Bing Watch


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Following the journey of Ian and Barley who are brothers and elves. They journey to spend one last day with the father who has passed away. How? Why magic of course!

A journey filled with mystery and secrets. Love and pain intermingle to create an epic heartfelt journey. However, Mum, she’s not happy her boys are missing. Bringing the legendary manticore as her aid can mum save the boys? Will they meet dad?

Fun for the whole family and a great movie to snuggle up with!


We all know the classic Disney film Mulan but be prepared to see this film in a way you didn’t think possible! Live-action Mulan really draws you into the action so well.

To save her father from entering the Imperial Army Mulan disguises herself as a man so she may go instead. Settings of the most incredible Chinese backdrops and epic battles. Will Mulan win?

You may miss the songs and whimsy of the 1998 classic but the adventure and emotion will have you swept away into the adventure before you can notice. Currently available to watch for a fee or full release to Disney+ will happen on December 4th.

Artemis Fowl

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When his father doesn’t return from a trip Artemis knows that trouble won’t be far! Hailing, unknowingly, from a long line of criminal masterminds, Artemis, finds his genius comes naturally to him.

Will this be enough to hold off the powerful fairies that are now after him. Will it be enough to save his father? What mysteries will he uncover along the way?

Plenty but I’ll let you find out for yourself while you binge watch your way through this list! A great family watch and full of mystery, magic and adventure! Perfect Winter viewing!

One More to Add to Your Binge Watch

Gavin and Stacey – A Binge Watch Must!

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There will not be a December in my life where I don’t binge watch the whole of Gavin and Stacey from beginning to end! If you haven’t watched it “oh what’s occurin?” get this on your list ASAP.

Follow Gavin and Stacey as their romance goes from over the phone to real life. Meeting new friends and the mix of these two families will take you on a ride you didn’t see coming. Love, loss, weddings and babies it has it all. Coupled with hilarity and fun for the whole ride.

You will not be disappointed and if you’ve watched it already you’ll know the fun in store!

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There you have it my lovelies about two months worth of binge watching there for you. Is there anything better than hibernating with your loved ones. Plus with lockdowns and Covid still looming it’s a good excuse to stay toasty and warm enjoying some great films and series.

What is your go-to binge watch? Ours are the Simpsons, Harry Potter and Gavin and Stacey. Have you watched this list? Let me know everything in the comments below or you could swing by my Facebook and leave your comments there. Either way, I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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