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Funko Games – Perfect Autumn Fun

Are you looking for some new games to enjoy with the kids? Then check out these awesome Funko games

Autumn is in full swing and as much as most of us enjoy crunchy leaves and Autumn walks. The weather isn’t always so permitting. This is where you need rainy day plans. As a family, we love to crack out the board games and enjoy some home time when we can’t get out. We were lucky enough to be sent these amazing Funko games to try. The ever-growing ‘Marvel Battleworld” and the fun card game ‘Something Wild”. If you weren’t aware our family are huge Funko fans. If you’ve seen my social media pages you may have seen we had our own custom Funko wedding cake toppers for our big day.

Funko wedding topper

What Is Funko?

Funko is a company who create amazing vinyl figures. Think about your favourite games, tv shows, films, artist or even royal. They probably have a Funko figure available. Simple but fun designs and they’re perfect for adult collectors and children alike. We have been collecting them for years now and have amassed a great collection.

Funko nerd shelf

Marvel Battleworld

Starting with the Marvel Battleworld which is a fab game for 1 – 2 players. A great game for the kids and nice and simple for them too. This epic adventure game makes you the hero defeating the dangerous Thanos!

funko battle ball

It starts with a battle ball. in your battle ball, you will receive two heroes, battle cards, an attack die, Thanos danger tokens that work as lives and a danger coin. From here you can begin to build your Battleworld and save everyone from the evil Thanos using your Funko heroes.

marvel battle world game

The rules vary slightly depending on how many heroes are playing but the aim is simple. Flip a battle card and roll your attack die to beat the number on the card. Sounds simple right? Don’t forget if you lose then the battle cards earn a Thanos danger token. They can also earn more danger tokens when you flip the danger coin at the end of each turn. Use your characters skills to give you the best chance in the battle to beat Thanos.

groot marvel battle worlds

With surprise and fun around every corner, it really is a great game to play with the children. Add more battle balls to your collection to add more heroes and battle cards. Making your Funko Marvel Battleworld bigger, more dangerous but more fun. Both the kids and I really enjoyed this game.

Something Wild

The Something Wild game is still a great family friendly game and lasts a little longer than the Battleword game. In the box you receive your ‘PoP’ figure a deck of cards and 10 power cards.

funko something wild

The aim is simple you need the power cards and you need 3 to win the whole game. Start with three cards in your hands and you need to make runs or sets of three. For example dropping three cards with the number 1 in your discard pile will earn a power card. If only you could just blast your powers now and destroy your opponent. However you need to gain the ‘PoP’ figure to be able to do that. Simply add a card to your pile with the same colour as the exposed power card, This earns you the figure and the ability to use the power cards you’ve gained.

funko ariel something wild game

The ‘Something Wild’ game can also be grown using other packs with fun characters. Such as the popular Jack Skeleton, Mickey Mouse, Woody and more. Add your packs together to make your games even more exciting with new characters and powers.

Again we really enjoyed this game and it was personally my favourite of the two. Mostly because of Ariel but I also love a good card game. The boys also enjoyed this game and would try their hardest to keep the Ariel figure. A great game for a rainy day stuck inside!

There you have my beauties! Two amazing games to enjoy with your family on miserable Autumn days. Do you or someone you know love Funko? Would they love these games? I know a couple of packs will make their way into stockings this Christmas as the kids loved them. If you want to check out all the games available from Funko check out this link that will take you to the Funko official website so you can check them all out!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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