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Autumn Decor DIY

Who doesn’t want a cosy Autumnal house? These DIY crafts will help

Autumn has arrived and I know I’m not the only one that is thrilled by it! Red and orange leaves, sunny days with a cool breeze, acorn and conker collecting. Even DIY Autumn decor and gorgeous hygge vibes in your home. It’s all nearly here in the UK. The sunny but chillier days. The leaves are slowly turning red proving it really is the best time of the year. Blankets, fluffy socks and hot chocolates get in our faces!

Autumn decor

In this post, you will find two really cute and easy DIY Autumn decor crafts for you to try. Super simple and you may even have most of the items laying around the house. Most others can be found for free in nature or very cheaply from most pound/dollar stores.

A Plateful of Autumn – DIY Autumn Decor

Gorgeous leaves, acorns and conkers (horse chestnuts). Not forgetting the lovely little squashes available in the Autumn months. Why not DIY your own Autumn decor plateful of Autumn. Perfect to add a little pop of seasonal flare to any room.

diy autumn decor

You Will Need

Large Plate or Bowl

Small pumpkin or Squashes (optional)




Flowers (optional)

autumn flowers


  1. Start by adding a mix of conkers acorns and some beautiful Autumn leaves to your plate or bowl. I used a large red charger plate.
  2. Next, add your flowers to a vase and to your plate.
  3. You could use real squashes or small pumpkin ornaments to really finish the look.

This really can add such an amazing harvest vibe to any room. You can have it on a table as a centre piece or on the kitchen side. In the entry way to greet guests. It’s simple and perfect whilst being oh so seasonal.

Autumn In a Bowl – Autumn Decor Made Simple

Using just simple items you can find in nature you can make some of the most cosy and cute Autumn decor. Great for to collect with the family on lovely Autumn walks. Why not make your very own Autumn in a vase?

Autumn conkers

You Will Need

A Fish bowl

Conkers and other Autumn goodness

Small String Lights

Glass beads (optional)

Autumn light decorations


  1. Start by adding your string lights to the fishbowl.
  2. At the very bottom you can add your optional glass beads.
  3. Gradually add your Autumn collection. Conkers are a great choice but you can add what you like. Be careful with dry leaves as you wouldn’t want to risk a fire.
autumn home decor

That is all you need to do and now you can add this to any room for an instant Autumn inspired light. The way this all came together is so lovely and it was so cheap. The fishbowl was a previous purchase and the string lights can be purchased online or found in pound/dollar store! Yay for inexpensive home decor!

autumn light decor

Do you love to decorate for the seasons? It can change the whole feel for room be it Autumn or Spring. Whether it’s a whole room makeover using cushions and blankets or simple touches such as the crafts above. Why not go all out for 2020? If you do try any of these crafts please do tag me on my social media pages. I would love to see your creations.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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